Bryce Hoppel Pro statement

As I mentioned in my announcement the day I turned pro, I again would like to thank everyone who has helped me pursue my dream to run professionally. All those around me have helped build who I am and who I strive to be and I could not be more grateful for the incredible support I have been blessed with. With that being said ...

I have signed an agreement and will be continuing my running career under the adidas brand.

I am excited to venture into the professional world as a part of the adidas family and to wear the three stripes with pride. With adidas it seemed to almost be destined. From the start, they showed strong interest in me, as I did for them, and we came to a swift agreement. It was humbling to have other brands in the mix, but after carefully considering all factors there was no doubt left that adidas was the right choice in the end.

From KU to adidas, wearing the three stripes will always be an honor. The support of both are unmatched. In the coming year at Kansas I will have the opportunity to finish my degree at the pace that is best for both my athletic and academic careers and thrive under the familiar training structure and support I have already found so much success in.

To further describe the future, I can simply say ... I am here to create.


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