The Evolution of Makeup Ashley BAILEY

Malachite, a copper ore, which provided the green eye makeup color so greatly favored at the time Kohl, used to draw thick, distinctive black lines, creating an almond shape to the eyes Red ocher, which was used as rouge or lip color Henna, which was widely used to stain the fingertips and toes Once ingredients were gathered, time-consuming preparation was needed to make them ready to apply. Minerals were ground into powder and then mixed with a carrier agent (often animal fat) in order to make it easy to apply and stay on the skin.
The white make-up was also a useful aid to hiding the signs of aging. White face make-up was applied to acquire the pale look. The favored application of the upper classes was a make-up called ceruse - a mixture of white lead and vinegar. It was poisonous. A pale complexion was so desirable that women were bled to achieve the desired look. Face paint made from plant roots and leaves was also applied. An Upper Class Elizabethan woman followed this fashion further and might even dye her hair yellow with a mixture of saffron, cumin seed, celandine and oil. Expensive dyes such as Cochineal was used to redden the cheeks and lips. Madder and vermilion was also used to achieve this effect. Kohl was used to darken the eyelashes. Queen Elizabeth had a wide variety of wigs and hair pieces - believed to number over eighty. These were often referred to as Periwigs.
Cosmetics took a turn in the 1920 era it was a way fro women called flappers to expressive themselves from being good girls and domestic housewives to girls at the dance clubs. Cosmetics like eyeshadow mascara and pan sticks from brands like maybelline and max facros were know popular. Women with thin eyebrows and pocrcelain smooth skin were the ones who were in with the trend.
In the 1930s A delicately lined eye, a dramatic red lip, a light dusting of blush on a flushed cheek was the iconic look. This era didn't have a bold approach for the popular makeup look.
The makeup of 1980s can be summed up thusly: Bright, colorful, and global. The over application of brush and liquid foundation, shimmer and bright colored eyeshadows and lip glosses of any variation were all in during this time of no longer a natural look.
In todays day an age makeup has transformed to contouring and bold lip colors while there have been stride in making natural makeup brands like juice beauty the makeup industry has not took a turn for the better with the use of chemicals in makeup that are tested on animals in many cases.

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