Amerigo vespucci By Mason lambert

Amerigo vespucci was an italian that explored severall times to south america america was named after amerigo vespucci he also traveled to brazil he recognized south america as being another continent. Rather than the eastern extremities of asia had previously been thought consequently he named in the new world.

Early life... Amerigo Vespucci third son in a culturd family was born march 9th 1451 [some people say he is born in 1454].He was bon in florence Italy although he was born in Italy he became a citizen of Spain in 1505.

Vespucci and his parents sr.nastagio ad lissabetta mini were great friends of the people.

Before exploring... in the years before vespucci left on his first voyage of exploring he had many other jobs. When vespucci was 24 years old his father forsed him into business.At first he overtook a variety of businesses. Endeavors in florence later he moved onto a banking business in seville Spain. Ware he performed a partnership with another man from florence he was named Gianetto Berardi.

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