Gender roles & Religion in Nigeria

Pre colonial gender roles for men

Unsuccessful men were considered as equal status to a women, which is a huge insult to a man. Men were also the only ones allowed to have a presence in the legal system .

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Pre colonial gender roles for women

"In the Igbo world, men are the dominant sex and they "rule" over their families , including their wives. Women are relegated to a more or less servile position, often living in fear of their husband." ( Women in the Development of Nigeria Since Pre- Colonial Times) " No matter how prosperous a man was, if he was unable to rule his women and his children (and especially his women) he was not really a man" (Achebe pg 53)

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Post colonial gender roles

"Women were excluded from the new political and administrative system. Colonials had devastating economic impacts on women." ( The effect of colonialism on African women)

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Pre colonial Ibo religion

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Originally the Ibo people believed in multiple gods or deities, as well as their own personal god. Which was known as their "Chi." (Achebe 18)

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Deities that the Ibo people believed in consisted of Igwe the sky god, Ekwu the earth spirit, Amadioha the god of thunder. Also they'd often go to the oracle houses trying to determine their fate with things such as offerings. They'd also pray which was called ekpere. (Ibo people new world encyclopedia)

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Post colonial Ibo religion

However, prior to the post colonial period, they began converting to Christianity due to the missionaries presence in Nigeria. This caused many of them to go from polytheism to monotheism. Although this was a huge impact on the Ibo people, many of them still remained indigenous to their religion. For example, Ibo people still believed in the governments law of retributive justice being controlled by Ofo and Ogu. Which determined ones fate in which people were either guilty or not. This heavily depended on their fortune of misfortune that was upon them. (Ibo people new world encyclopedia)

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