Good Life Performance Andrew Merritt

Entering the Play

The Spatial atmosphere of the Constans Theatre was one that surprised me quite alot actually I had passed by the theatre so many times and had always wondered what it would appear like on the inside. On this day I found out it looked far better then I had anticipated, I ended snagging a seat right up at the front as I was one of the first people to be in line which I feel threw me much deeper into the experience as a whole. The auditorium itself was seemingly the perfect size for the play that I witnessed not to large or small and essentially just right for allowing the majority of viewers to be actively engaged with what was going happening on stage. The role of place on the good life is extremely prevalent, without an environment in which you can truly grow your version of the good life I feel that there may be a chance for one to have that said good life.

Inside the lobby

The social aspect of the play actually ended up heightening the experience as a whole as well. I ended up at first going alone to the play but shortly after ran into a few people I knew from seeing around campus. To get ready for the play I made sure to ensure I would be on time and also that I would get good photos before hand for this spark story. Attending with people I knew as I said prior enhanced the experience as a whole I felt as I was able to share my opinions and they their's as we talked about the play and brought each of our own different individual views on what was happening. Shared experiences and the good life can play hand in hand in certain situations, however as with all things some experiences are best off left to oneself. A play such as this one was heightened by peers.

A sculpture found inside the Constans Theatre

This showing plays on the social injustices of the industrial age as workers where treated as if they where expendable, also a decision to find your own path in life was hinted at throughout the play and the seeking of your very own good life. Prior to the play I did have a large base of knowledge surrounding the central plot which only helped further the understanding of the play itself. The play itself allows one to get into questioning norms and what others would think of as normal or the right thing to do. The play leads one to having their own thoughts on topics and shows one that moving away from the norm is not always a bad thing to try out. The subject matter did have a relationship to my own life, the play points out that you need to follow your own path and that following what everyone else always tells you to do is hardly ever what is right for you unless you feel personally as if it is.

The play bill for the good life performance

This play allows for Katharsis in that its exposes the viewer to some controversial topics. The one the stood out the most for me was breaking out of what some would consider normal and safe and truly putting oneself out their to be ridiculed by all. The play sheds a light on the fact that it is okay to go against what others may be telling you and to find your own path even if it may prove to be outside of what the conventional norm is thought to be.

Leaving the Theatre after the performance

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