Women of the Past Guadalupe de paz, Edie harpham, Genesis Lopez

Gender identity? What is it really? Women didn't have a say about what happened around them. The only thing they were expected to do was get married, have kids and take care of the household. Lower class women worked but they were only allowed to have certain jobs. High class women were not expected to work. Many women participated in women's right movements and over time with great struggle women gained more rights.

During the 1800s and earlier 1900s the women’s rights movement started. Women wanted a say, they were tired of having their life controlled by men.

1930s came around and once again tragedy, meaning husbands were off into battle while women, now got a chance to work by taking their husbands place at their previous jobs. Gender and the roles each gender is expect to fulfill have been an endless argument in this country. Men always seemed to be viewed as superior to women. There has been a lot of change between 1880-2017 but not still some things remain the same .

In 1992 a young man by the name of Christopher McCandless decided to walk into the wild, as he quoted “I am walking into the wild.” His idea and perspective on life changed very much due to the life of misunderstanding and less of his life choices and opinion rather what others saw and wanted for him. Though on his journey he came about people who offered to help him, he sought that he was strong and very dependable to survive out in the wild without any support, when a women to this very day, as daring as she may be would not have much of an option. People would judge even more so and speak of how weak and crazy that is, for a women to do or make it out on her own, but their have been people proven wrong, 2015 women have gotten stronger and will not be put down or underestimated, bias towards gender and roles as individuals don't do anything expect but barriers that eventually will be overcome.

Women have always been treated as less in the work place. In the past women were being paid less and where stuck in the secretary or assistant position because of their lack of education. Now women are just as or more educated than men but are still being paid less and are limited to certain jobs. Women on average are making 79 cents for every dollar a man makes.

Women have been playing a big role in the work force. They have done so much yet they have been under seen. Women since the 1880's have worked but in low paying jobs or really bad conditions for example Lower class women of this time worked as servants, domestic help, factory workers, and prostitutes. The jobs have changed but how they are treated hasn't changed. Some women workers have been discriminated because of their sexuality. This causes them to be disrespected on the job or get paid unfairly. A lot of women follow the traditional stay at home mom but that is still a lot of work and we never seem to think of it as a job. A lot of men don't allow their wives to work because of their pride and that they should be the bread winners of the household like in the 1910's. Yes, to some of us this sounds foolish but yet people out there still have this mind set. We all need to stop separating each other based on our gender. We all have worked hard to get where we are. Women have fought so much to get equal rights but yet never completely received them.

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