Celebrating 150 years of Canada By: Gurleen Johal

Canadians respect all race, culture, gender and age. No matter who you are, you will always have help from us Canadians. We are very openhearted and always at your service. In many countries around the world people are separated just because of their gender or race. In some countries, you are not allowed to marry the same gender. In Canada, everyone respects your opinion. In fact there was even a pride parade.
Canadian sports are just amazing. The determination and the happiness these sports give us is just amazing. The history of sports go way back to military training. Canadian sports are different from any other sports because everyone is cooperative and they are symbol of Canada. Everyone enjoys these sports.
Education is a right not a privilege. I am proud that in this country, everyone can go to school without having to worry about money. School can be hard but education is a very important key for the future. Without it, you are not going anywhere. Some children do not even have the supplies needed for school.
Today Canada will be celebrating 150 years. I am proud to be a Canadian :)


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