Plate Boundaries Maddy Kroh

This is a Divergent Boundary (Oceanic to Oceanic). Divergent Boundaries move away from each other which is tension. Divergent boundaries can form Mid-ocean ridges, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes. This can happen at the mid-atlantic ridge, and east pacific ridge. Divergent Boundaries (Continent to Continent) is also tension. Continent to Continent boundaries forms continental rifts, and volcanoes. This happens at the Great African Rift faults.
This is a Convergent Boundary (Continent to Continent). Convergent Boundaries move towards each other which is compression. Continent to Continent forms Mountains, Ocean trenches, and volcanic arcs. This happens at the Himalayan Mountains. Convergent boundaries (Oceanic to Continental) also move towards each other which is compression. Oceanic to Continental forms volcanic mountains. This can happen at the Andes Mountain range and Cascade Mountains.
Transform Boundaries. Transform boundaries slide past each other which is shear. Transform boundaries causes earthquakes and tsunamis. This can happen at the San Andreas Fault.

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