The Power Family The cRaziest family in town

Hi, My name is Katie Power and i am 1/6 of the Power family. I have an older sister, an older brother,, a twin brother, a dog and my parents.
This is my mom, she is a principal at Lake View elementary in Worcester. She is very busy because all 3 of my siblings and I play sports and need to be driven places which could get hard. My mom andI are practically the same person!!
This is my Dad. He owns his own law firm and is also very busy because of our family. He loves to watch all of us play sports!!
This is my brother's, sister and I in Disney World for our last vacation before my sister goes of to college!!!
This is my sister, meg. She is my best friend, we look very similar and are very similar people, she is an amazing softball player. She is 18 years old and is going to Endicott College to study pediatric nursing.
This is my twin brother Matt, we are also very close. He plays baseball, football and hockey and is very supportive of me.
This is my dog, Rudy. He is 8 years old and by far my favorite sibling. He sleeps most of the time but loves to play.

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