Bengal Tiger By Greenlee Eaton

The Bengal tiger is a mammal found in the Rain forest. The Bengal Tiger ranges in color. They can be orange, white, and black. They are 3 to 4 feet tall. The male can weigh up to 670 pounds. The female is between 221 and 353 pounds. The Bengal Tiger’s stripes are all different. The Bengal Tiger is a part of the cat family. Its family members include the lion, jaguar, leopard, the cougar, South China Tiger, Sumatran tiger, and the Indo-Chinese tiger.

This is a few Members of the cat family.

The Bengal Tiger is an omnivore, eating both meat and plants. The Bengal Tiger eats grass, wild pigs, buffalo, goats, and wild boar. The cubs hunt monkeys for practice. The Bengal Tiger prefers meat, but they sometimes eat grass.

And they eat much more.

The Bengal Tiger can be found in the Rainforest, India, Bangladesh, Asia, Nepal, Bhutan, China, and Myanmar. The Bengal Tiger can’t eat over 60 pounds of food. The Bengal Tiger makes scent marks to claim territories to keep their rivals away. The female Bengal Tiger only lives with her cubs.

The Bengal Tiger’s coat has a heavy winter coat to help it survive in the snowy winters. Its claws help him catch his prey and its teeth help it to rip his prey. The Bengal Tiger also has camouflage to help him blend in to his surroundings. The Bengal Tiger is a nocturnal hunter.

The Bengal Tiger’s enemies are humans, elephants, and bears. The leopards sometimes will kill and eat young tiger cubs. The Bengal Tiger protects itself by using its powerful claws and teeth. Their forelimbs allow them to hold down their prey. They can also swim and climb.

The white Bengal Tigers are just a rare color of tiger, not a different animal or species. The white Bengal Tigers can’t live long in the wild because of their color. Adult tigers fight over territories, sometimes causing serious injury. Male paw marks are bigger then female paw marks.

Tigers are an interesting animal and important part of the world. They are powerful and a part of life in the rainforest.


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