The George Washington Bridge Amy Xu, Damini Lakshmipathy, & Cindy Zhang

Bridge Information

Where is the bridge located?

  • The George Washington Bridge connects Washington Heights in Manhattan (New York), and Fort Lee in New Jersey.
  • It was built over the Hudson River, to help make travelling across the two states easier.

How long did it take to build?

  • Construction for the original bridge started in October 1927 and was completed in October 1931.
  • The final result, which included the upper deck and two other lanes, was finished in August 1962.
  • Overall it took 35 years to complete.

Who were some people involved with the building of the bridge?

  • Othman Amman was the chief engineer for the project. He was Swiss-American structural engineer and also designed the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, and Bayonne Bridge. He also directed the planning and construction of the Lincoln Tunnel in New York.
  • Cass Gilbert was the architect that designed the bridge. He also designed the Woolworth Building, the Saint Louis Art Museum and the Saint Louis Public Library.

What type of bridge is it?

  • The George Washington Bridge is a suspension bridge.

—Fun Facts!!—

1.) After its completion in 1931, the George Washington Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world until the Golden Gate Bridge was built in 1937.
2.) The bridge is 4,760 feet long and is made of steel.
3.) The bridge was originally supposed to be named the Hudson River Bridge but was later changed to the George Washington Bridge, much to the general publics dismay.
4.) The bridge was not only completed eight months ahead of schedule, but it was also completed under budget as well.
In 2005, $326,000,000 worth of toll money was collected.


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