The Secret Life Of Trash For the past 7 days, I collected my trash and found the similarities between it all. This project was inspired by Nigel Poor's "Observing Self: Collecting life's remnants" exhibit.

When I went through my trash, I noticed there was a lot of plastic. A lot of our material today is processed material and is very cheap to make. After these materials are used, and after these items are thrown away, they will most likely never be used again or it may float away into the ocean and be mistaken as food. From these Items found in my garbage, I have a better understanding of why companies use these materials, It's cheap and it is easy to make. ‚Äč

All of the pictures in this presentation represent the amount, and the variety of material that is used to make production goods. There are many alternative materials to make these packages but companies chose to make it with these materials because it is cheap to make, and most importantly, it is durable. However, most of the plastic in these slides are not reusable. When you throw things into your garbage, goes out of plain sight. But where does it really go? Usually our garbage goes to land fills and simple sits there. But the better alternative to that is to burn the garbage and create that into electricity. In other words, garbage completes the circle of reusable energy.

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