Will Reddin - wreddin20 Section T/TH 11:00 Journey Log #3 Warrior Creativity and Metacognition

Last week we were tasked with the assignment of reading about different types of monsters leading up to our research proposal. This was designed to hopefully put some ideas in our head and give us a good foot forward on our research proposals. While this is technically a research paper, it is about monsters and other mythological creatures, for the most part, so it is going to take some creativity in order to produce a stellar paper. After reading why we seem to love horror movies so much, and seeing a different point of view of a monster, I realized many of the monsters in our tales may be misunderstood, which is why I had to pick a monster who was most definitely evil. I picked Darth Maul from Star Wars, as he seemed to have no innocence whatsoever, but the more I research him, the more I begin to believe that Maul could be misunderstood as well. I feel like there is a lot to research abou there, however. There is so much information about Maul that I do not know about, mainly in the form of comics, that I cannot wait to delve into in order to find out who really is Darth Maul, how he came to be, and what has come of him.

The two habits of mind I decided to use for this are creativity and metacognition. I have already spoken of creativity, and how it will be vital to not only doing well on my research paper, but it is essential if I want to have fun while doing my research paper. The ladder of the two habits of mind I chose, metacognition, has to do with one's ability to reflect on one’s own thinking. This is crucial in any writing situation as you need to think about what you are thinking about in order to reflect and revise. I think that these two habits of mind will be especially useful when writing about Darth Maul. Obviously I will need to be creative as he is a fictional character. I will have to use my imagination, and it may be a stretch, but that is where other habits of mind such as openness come in. I will use metacognition as I would in any writing scenario, however in this paper it will be extremely important and extremely useful. I will be extracting fictional information, analyzing it, and then writing a detailed research paper about a fictional character. In order to do this I must be able to reflect on my own thinking.

The way that this research paper has been set up gets me excited. The paper seems much more interesting than any research paper I have ever done. I am excited to not only get to write about monsters, but I get to write about Star Wars. I also am happy with the way the due dates are set up so that nobody gets behind. In a way, the way the class is run, in a very interesting and engaging way, reflects how this paper is and continues to be: interesting and engaging. I look forward to the next step in this paper and I am looking forward to the final product. This paper, along with this class, has kept me more engaged and interested than I have ever been in any English class. Writing and reading about things I enjoy and am interested in makes a class much easier and much more fun to be a part of. In addition, we were to download minecraft by this week, another thing I am very excited about in this class and look forward to using in the near future.


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