The elusive qualities of light and shade Newbury-based artist Clive Eastland tells Newburytoday about working with the purest form of painting material

Clive Eastland - Pastel artist

Clive Eastland lives and works in Newbury and has been a full time professional artist for 20 years and tutor for the past three.

He enjoys painting a wide range of subjects in pastel using the purest form of painting material there is. Inspired by nature and using the virtually pure pigment of hand-rolled pastel, he captures the elusive qualities of light and shade, enjoying the transformation that occurs when something he sees in reality or imagination comes to life in a painting.

Clive teaches at Ardington School of Crafts, White Horse Bookshop in Marlborough and Oxford Summer School. He also run workshops and demonstrations for local art groups.

Clive’s work is always in demand wherever he exhibits and is highly-collectable. His originals are in private collections in this country and abroad.

For more information, visit www.cliveeastland.co.uk

Crashing Wave
Two Boats
Winter Trees
Apple and Grapes
Red Wine
Rustic Doorway
Sunset Shore
Romantic Stroll