Save The Bee's Crate Bee kind

Bee Kind crates are made with recycled materials!

Shipped right to your doorstep and packaged with filler recycled paper

What's inside a Bee Kind Crate?

We provide full instructions on each item that is included!

Seed Sack

Seed sack can be customized on the outside for an extra fee!

Our seed sacks are made out of recycled cardboard and designed into a pouch. We have three main seed mixtures: Aromatherapy, Spice, or Wildflower Bunch. You can also customize your choice of seeds for an extra fee!

Aromatherapy Collection

Includes: Lavender, Sage, Aster, Heliotrope

Spice Collection

Includes: Thyme, Cilantro, Sage, Fennel

Wildflower Collection

Includes: Buttercup, Snowdrop, Calendula, Poppy, Sunflower

Mason Bee House

Wrapped safely inside your Bee Kind Crate!

Using a recycled tin can, hollow bamboo stalks, non toxic paint, and twine we provide you with a bee house. This is a safe place for bee's where they can feed and reproduce. For an extra fee you can pick the desired color of your bee house!

Bee Sugar Shack

We provide instructions inside of your Bee Kind crate

Using a recycled mason jar we provide you with a sugar/water shack for bees to feed off of. Two recycled wood squares for your shack to stay elevated are also in our crate. We also include a vial of sugar and a vial of water for you to begin your housing.

Honeybee Watering Station

Place it right by your planted seed mixture!

We include a clay tray and a bag of mixed stones/glass flat marbles. All you have to do is add water, making sure not to completely cover the stones, as this is a landing pad for bees to perch on while hydrating. Then keep it topped off with water when needed! For an extra fee you can choose the color of your clay tray and sack of marbles.

Thank you for "Beeing Kind"

YOU get to choose which bee farm or community garden you would like us to donate 25% of your Bee Kind crate purchase to!

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