Brianna Marchese

For the last year, I have been documenting locations that have been used for farming management or agriculture. I mainly went to places that have been left and untouched for a couple months or even years. In the world today, we are experiencing environmental issues due to industrial emissions, poor disposal of wastes, and overpopulation. I wanted to capture places that have been left for nature to take over, to see what it would be like if there were to be a halt to human touch on Earth. My thought process was, what places would bloom with nature if there were an absence of human beings?

I chose the work to be in black and white because I wanted to rely on the high whites and blacks for contrasts. The objects and landscapes in my work are all New Jersey locations, within the Monmouth County radius. This project has opened my eyes to environmental pollution and developed in me a greater appreciation for our Earth. I am hoping it will do the same for you.

Photography ┬ęBrianna Marchese