When I first began I believed that being a photographer was all about the camera. Then I thought if I could master posing I would become one. I got a great camera and I worked with hundreds of people learning to pose them. Still, I was not a photographer and I wasn't comfortable saying that I was. I struggled trying to understand what it was to be a photographer.

As time went on and I continued to explore. I became more and more comfortable with the camera, posing, and shooting in general. Then one day I saw the light; literally. I saw that photography, as with any other visual art, is all about the light. Shadows are cast creating a world where contrast defines the moment. I learned that a photographer is really a light master.

It took me years to be able to look into the mirror and say to the guy looking back, you are finally a photographer. That doesn't mean I'm a rock. I'm still growing and learning. I sometimes make mistakes. And, until I earn a place in that big studio in the sky - I will always have the characteristics of being human. Still, I'm damn good at what I do - considering I'm only human...

Do you need photos for a special occasion? Are you planning an engagement, graduating from high school, attending a prom, or just wanting to capture the moment? Let's work together and bring your portrait to life. I promise to make it fun and rewarding.

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Tim Hanley Photography

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