The URBAN CYCLING CLUB "Where the roads end, your eyes try to grasp what is beyond the horizon".

About the club

Welcome to the Urban Cycling Club! Experienced and non-experienced riders are welcomed! Person who runs this club is André Cao (grade 10 as of 2016-17). This is a club for people who like to cycle or likes to explore the city on two wheels. Most of the time, we would be doing trips around the city. The Season doesn't really start until early to mid April, and trips don't start until mid April. The other things that we do is bike repairs and bike clean up if you're interested!


How they work

Every week, we would have a vote on where we should go on the next trip. There are two trips every week, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The reason why its on weekends is because we can hop on the TTC anytime. Also when on trips, it is recommended that everyone has a pair. This is because when we have to hop on a street car or bus, no one is lonely. More information will be posted on the Facebook page when we have trips. In the school year, we would only do a trip per month.

Additional information

If there is a place you want to go and is not listed on a post, please let me know by commenting on the post or PM me before hand! When taking transit, please bring your fare, I'll carry an extra 2 or 3 tickets just in case. List of travel items will be listed at the end of the page.

Places we would go

#1 Tommy Thompson Park

Here is the view of the iconic Toronto skyline from Tommy Thompson Park. This is one of Andre's favorite Parks to go to in Toronto.

Picture taken in 2007

Here, you can enjoy the contrast from the concrete jungle of Toronto to the vast island greens and the blue lake that the park provides. The park is also very far from the city, you can really get away from the cars and people, to a more quiet place.

#2 High Park

One of the few sanctuaries in Toronto you can get away from large structures, and more natural space. Andre really enjoys the greenery here, and less congested roads with cars. Here, we can ride the contours of the Hills and paths of the park

#3 Lower Don trail

This is the main path we're going to take if we're doing a uptown to downtown trip. It spans 31km and takes about 1hr 45min. Don't worry about the distance, it has a 3 degree decline. On the way downtown, we will pass Edward gardens.

The is a drop of 150m of elevation from uptown to downtown

#4 cherry beach

One of my favorite beaches to go to downtown. Here enjoy the abundant sunshine, sand, and lake with club members!

#5 woodbine beach

Another popular beach in the city, here enjoy the lake, hot desert sand, and windy breeze that the lake provides!

#6 edward gardens

If we're going downtown, we are definitely going to pass this place, no guarantee that we're going to stop here for pictures every time. Here enjoy Toronto's finest botanical garden, with many species of plants to look at!


Andre owns a Raleigh Cadent 1 at 27 pounds, Shimano everything, 21 speed gear shiftier.

This bike has gone 800km+ of road now!

What he carries on his ride

All things listed below are the things that Andre brings every trip. For what most of his friends know him as the "mechanic", due to the fact that Andre brings a multi-tool, bike lube, tire repair kit, a bike lock, and just for fun a bike computer. He will do repairs or any maintenance on the go when we take a rest or a water break.

Just equipment here, nothing special.

items you should bring!

  • One or two 500ml water bottles
  • sunglasses (optional)
  • Helmet (must have!)
  • a snack or two (it is good to share!)
  • TTC tickets (if we're going 20km+ both ways)
  • Bring yourself of course!
  • Windbreaker or hoodie (depending on temperature)
  • I will post a special items list if we're going to special places like the beach!

Bike cleaning, repairs, or tune ups.

Done usually in the morning or afternoon on Wednesdays, twice each month (so every second week). I, or a friend of mine will help you tune, clean, or repair your bike free of charge (please tell me your bikes problem before hand!).

Club meetings

Club meetings happen every other Wednesday when we do Bike cleaning, repairs, or tune ups. If not, we will have meetings in the cafeteria. I will post something on the Facebook page for any upcoming events.


Donations will be very generous as it will contribute/help us buy you snacks for trips (if sufficient funding). Donations will also help us buy oil, bike lube, and other equipment to help you repair your bikes!

Contact info

  • Phone number: 4167869483
  • Email:
  • Facebook: andre.cao.9
  • If you want a community response, please post on the facebook page! If you want a personal response to your question, feel free to message me!
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Andre Cao


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