Wizard of oz


Scarecrow represents the farmers and the people who work for the farmers.

Tin man represents the industrial workers
Dorothy represents the westerns who had silver
The monkeys represent the native Americans trying to keep them out of there land
Having a loud roar, but no where to bite
The gold road represents the gold rush
OZ is a abbreviation for gold
Toto represents the average American
Kansas represents the rough life of pioneers
The land of oz shows us all sorts of things, all kinds of people back then.


Created with images by Prawny - "wizard of oz poster tin man" • skeeze - "the wizard of oz ray bolger actor" • Prawny - "wizard of oz poster tin man" • Doug Kline - "Debbie Reynolds Auction - Judy Garland Dorothy Gale Arabian-pattern test Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz" • Dulce Dahlia - "Flying Monkey" • skeeze - "bert lahr actor cowardly lion" • Sangre-La.com - "hz0601.JPG" • 'Playingwithbrushes' - "Wizard of Oz Kids Book" • Dulce Dahlia - "Dorothy and Toto in the tornado"

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