Oceans Apart 4 of D.C's Many Sushi Establisments ~ A Photographic Memoir

Kin Da

From a small neighborhood cafe to a bistro, Kin Da is one of many businesses before it that has settled within this building, continuing to provide high quality thai and sushi cuisine.
Shown here is Kin Da’s unique ceiling decorations which, according to the manager, has caught the eye of many customers and visitors with it’s worn, rustic style.
Though Kin Da is not recognized as being a Japanese restaurant, they’re still one of the neighborhood favorites when it comes to sushi and traditional Asian cuisine.
Seaweed salad, also known as Wakame by the Japanese, is recognized for its subtle, sweet flavor and is traditionally served in many Japanese or Asian restaurants.
Sushi is widely known for its wide array of flavors and textures but especially its vibrant colors, which add a striking addition to the enjoyment of the meal.


Sakana is a warm, contemporary Japanese Restaurant located in downtown D.C. that serves a wide assortment of the finest Japanese cuisine and fresh sushi.
One of the best places to sit in a Japanese restaurant is the sushi bar, giving you a great view of the chefs preparing sushi meals and sashimi.
Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodle of Japanese cuisine, often served hot as a noodle soup with a variety of meats, vegetables and seafood.
There are several different types of sushi, some of which are shown above. Towards the front is maki, or sushi rolls. Behind them is nigiri or sliced fish over rice.
Lighting can greatly affect the ambience of a restaurant. Sakana is lined with several of these lights, giving the dining room a beautiful, warm glow.


Yosaku is a small, family owned sushi restaurant located in Tenleytown, D.C. with a devotion to quality food and an enjoyable dining experience.
Kani shumai, or crab dumplings are traditionally made in Chinese cuisine as a part of dim sum, but are also widely served as appetizers in many Japanese restaurants.
Yosaku displays its daily specials up on this dry-erase board, giving diners a taste of any rare delights they can take advantage of.
This is one of my favorite meals at Yosaku. Their delicious tuna avocado salad is served with cucumbers, an exquisite miso sauce and topped with a small bit of caviar.
Green tea is culturally widespread beverage, especially popular in Asian cuisine. The practice of drinking green tea as part of ceremonies and meals originated in Ancient China and spread to countries nearby like Japan.


Raku is a modern, Asian style restaurant with multiple locations, this one in Cleveland Park, D.C. that serves a variety of traditional Asian foods, but is well known for their sushi.
Silhouetted by the glow of the bar table, this bowl of salad becomes a unique subject for the photograph, creating stark contrast with the background.
Raku really masters the art of interior design, bringing it all together with its floor decor. These natural stone tiles bring nature indoors as a backdrop to your dining experience.
Shown here is a bowl of chirashi sushi. The word "chirashi" means scattered. In this case the meal is prepared as a bowl of sashimi with a variety of other ingredients and served over banana leaves and ice.
This lightbulb reflects the modern constructionist aura of Raku's dining room, adding a unique feeling to the interior decoration of the restaurant.

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