Reform Movements By:Tanner wurtz P7

Women had very little right in the mid 1800s. They were denied the right to vote, to own land, or even have their own conversations. Most women were unemployed there was a women's right movement and the Seneca falls convention was held so women could have equal rights

Abolitionist wanted to abolish slavery and make people of African American decent have close equal rights to the white people

A woman named Dorothea Dix was invited to be a Sunday school teacher in a mental institution and what she saw was so horrific that she wrote to the state legislature which out lawed cruel punishment and established mental hospitals

The public education reform was all about how people wanted children to have a better education so they could live a better life than their parents the efforts were lead by Horace Mann

The temperance movement was pretty useless because it tried to stop people from over drinking because it "caused crimes" but soon the law was repealed and doesn't affect America much

Civil disobedience is when a citizen is purposely breaking the law to prove that it is unconstitutional

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