Life on Pause Life in quarantine. Shot through the front dooR, safely, into the space of self-isolation revealing life apart and together.

This is Jacqueline and Lucifer.

“I’ve lived through many national disasters but never seen such a response. Will elaborate masks become a fashion statement & 6 ft distancing become a way of life? We are waiting and watching to see what unfolds both socially and culturally.”

This is Sade.

“I had 3 jobs...at noon I got a notification that one job had shut down and by 5 I got a notification that my second job shut down. I am not working at all, it’s been very crazy...my mother was getting her nails done two weeks ago and I had to tell her to stay inside, this is serious..."

This is Juan and Andrea.

“The home has been our new temple, possessions are not so important but the freedom to enjoy what we have has been tremendous. These little plants around all become so important, they’re what we have every day in front of us. We’re figuring out how to balance time and grow together..."

This is Ally.

"...I go outside once a day at least. It’s been difficult being actively advised to stay indoors. I’m trying to stay creative... I painted my doors to match my walls! I’m trying to keep as busy as possible. It’s all we can do, man, until some federal money rolls in…"

This is Jack and Heather.

“This is giving us time to reflect and heal and reset ourselves. Before this, life was crazy for us- moving all over the place. We just got married in September and it’s just been a wild journey these past 3 years..."

This is David.

One of the first days of the pandemic. We shot the few minutes before he hopped into his car to head to another state.

This is Tanya and her family.

“This is terrible and tragic and our hearts go out to all the families affected, I’ve cried tears for others as a lot of our friends own small businesses. Our lives are usually frenetic and over-scheduled but now we have the gift of time... "

This is Flavio. Our delivery guy from the pharmacy.

“I’ve been waking up with this view of the city empty but a feeling of unity. As much as I see emptiness on the streets I see unity. It’s like running a 400 meter loop. The whole world is taking a loop around the track..."

This is Sheri and her son.

“Our world abruptly stopped. There’s a ton of fears and unknowns, my business and industry have been decimated so that weighs heavy. We walk the neighborhood to get out of our small space and really notice so much more now and how everyone says hello..."

This is Luc.

“Spend some time within yourself and to rest. It’s brought a different kind of inspiration not having anywhere to be. Maybe a blessing in disguise for the creative side of things." .

This is Erin & Ben and their family.

“I'm not used to having my kids all day long every day and as fun and beautiful as they are it's nonstop energy and complete chaos. I'm a teacher, trying to work from home and give lesson plans...."

This is Jessica & Chris and their family.

"I’m concerned about the kids and their school and being behind. It’s my first time homeschooling...”

This is Ngozika.

"... So now my business is making masks. No more cocktail dresses. No more wedding gowns. Masks!"

This is Simon.

"...The days are blending, I’m binge-watching OZARK, doing makeshift ‘Hillbilly’ workouts between endless cups of tea, and marveling at nature in full swing around me even as we are all are forced to re-assess our priorities."

This is Jerry, 98 years young.

He just finished his book & he’s got quite the stories!

This is Bob. And Bob.

“The isolation is driving us crazy!”

This is Carol.

“I’m cut off from my children, my grandchildren, and that’s been very hard for me....maybe some people are enjoying the solitude but I am not."

This is Beth.

“.. I have deep resources to be alone and do things....I’m not feeling lonely."

This is Michael.

He hears news from Italy everyday. Here he’s listening to jazz & braising something delicious the whole neighborhood can smell.

This is Bernice, Matt and their son.

“My parents are seniors who depend on the income they make from running a motel in northern California...My mom is high-risk... They haven't been able to find any disinfecting supplies in stores, so we've sent them everything we have..."

This is Katherine.

"These characters help me. I’m a very introverted person... ...After four months I got into a real depression. I think because there’s no other feedback, there’s only me and me only... "

This is Michael.

“....This is like a mixture of a rollercoaster ride, bungee jumping and skydiving all at the same time. Those three different types of fears all at the same time. You have to ask, Is this really happening?"

This is Sofia and Larry and their daughter.

Larry: ”I’ve been working from home the last four years so I was pretty prepared….but everything else...up in the air..."

This is Gilli.

"...We always talk about living in the moment but this actually has forced us to: we do not know what’s coming next..."

This is Alex and Nic.

"There’s the anxiety phase, the enjoy-being-at-home phase, the climbing-the-walls phase, the depression phase, and the rinse and repeat phase…We have our own language, but we’ve stopped verbalizing as much."

This is Benjo and Samantha.

“So far life on pause hasn't been a bad thing....After 37 days I started to become antsy and now we're both starting to think creatively..."

This is Shleigh and Marco. Two exes that moved back in together during the pandemic.

"At the beginning this was an emergency but now...I sleep better, I eat better, I’m more relaxed. I’m finding myself in awe of so many things I never had the time to do before."


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