TwoSix Digital Reflects on Travel and Tourism U.s. Travel association's National Plan for Vacation Day

National Plan for Vacation Day is on January 29, so we took some time as a team as a team to reflect on how travel has positively impacted our lives. Learn about the TwoSix Digital Team's previous vacations, see our favorite trip photos, and get planning tips from the pros!

What is your best vacation experience and what made it so special?
One of the best vacations I've been on was my trip to the U.K. in 2015. I took a day trip and saw Bath, Windsor, and Stonehenge. It was amazing to see things that are older than the entire United States! - Amber
I have two favorites -- first, i took a trip to Paris with my dad in June of 2017. Paris was at the top of my travel bucket list for years, and being able to finally go there was a dream come true. I'd go back any day! Second, I took a trip to Brazil when I was in college. It was an amazing place to visit and is somewhere that not many people visit, so that made it extra special. - Meg
Top of list would have to be skydiving in Lake Tahoe with Skydive Lake Tahoe. It was an experience that my wife and I literally took a leap on. We didn’t plan it, just did it. It was great to roll out of bed and do something really out of character and my comfort zone. The experience was amazing. The views were incredible. Most importantly, the memories that were made were priceless." - Brian
Dave: "As I think back on vacation experiences, the place matters, but so do the people you are with. Some of my best vacations were new adventures that took place with my family. You will always remember the destination, but I think what creates lasting memories are the time you spent with others and the experiences that you shared...

Two of the family vacations that stand out for me were a visit to the Wisconsin Dells and a recent trip to the state of Washington. My daughters always talk about how much fun we had visiting all the water parks in the Dells. Sure, the weather was perfect for an entire week in July, but I think what made things memorable for me was being able to feel like a kid again. For a few days I was able to leave my desk and unplug from the worries of work and ride down twisting slides into gigantic pools water. It was really kind of therapeutic in so many ways.

I also think the time we spend with each other – one on one time, with no devices in front of us - also makes a big difference. We went to the state of Washington two summers ago and had a great time hiking around Mt. Rainier while sharing stories and engaging in some meaningful conversations. It’s almost a lost art these days, as everyone is focused on finding the next great spot to take a selfie. Sure, we took some photos, but we shared a lot of great moments together and that’s wat really made that entire trip special. All of those moments added up to multiple fond memories that we will hold on to forever."

"I’ve been told some of my best vacation experiences are from Caribbean cruises I went on as a child with my family, and even though I have absolutely no memories of them, I’m sure they were great. More recently, on my summer trips to west Michigan, I've run across the dunes, watched sunsets on the horizon, and spent nights reading by the light of a bonfire with great company." - Nick

Why do you think travel is important?
"For a few reasons. First, as a promoter of travel and tourism, it’s great for the economy. The average person has no idea how many people travel can impact. It supports so many outlets in each town and city – no matter how big or small that community is. It also gives us an opportunity to step out of our comfort zone at times and puts things into perspective for us on many levels. And, most importantly, it expands our horizons – giving us the opportunity to experience different cultures and environments." - Dave

"It’s proven science that experiences provide us with more happiness than material things. And what better experience is there, than travel? Also, if I found out I only had a few months to live, I would probably immediately pack my bags and get on a plane. Nothing demonstrates priorities quite like impending mortality." - Nick

"From a personal standpoint, travel is important because of the perspectives one can gain. Nothing beats experiencing things in-person. Whether it be the smell of the ocean, vibe of a city, or attitude of the locals. Gaining perspective is a key benefit to travel. Travel experiences can help better define our own beliefs and dispel/confirm existing stereotypes. From an industry standpoint, travel is a huge economic engine that can bring significant external funds to a community. Travelers need to stay somewhere, eat something, and indulge in experiences, all of which fuel economic growth and support businesses large and small. Not only can it be a money maker, but travel also creates jobs that help feed the families that fuel our communities." - Brian

"Travel is important because it allows you to experience other cultures, it puts life into perspective. Food! Yum!" - Amber

"I think it is important to see other parts of the world, whether it's just a different part of your state or the other side of the country or the world, everyone does things differently from where you spend most of your existence. Broadening your perspective of the world you live in is vital in accurately shaping your worldview. I personally think that it's hard to learn about the world we live in if you don't take time to experience the things, see the sights and meet people around you. The possibilities to discover are endless when you travel." - Megan

What is your "bucket list" travel desination and why?
At the top of my bucket list would have to be London and the entire United Kingdom. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, British Television (British Baking Show, Sherlock, Downton Abbey etc.) and the Royal Family, so this would be an ideal destination for me. I'd love to visit to see all of the things that make up the unique history of the U.K. - Meg
Top of my travel ‘bucket list’ has to be India, I want to experience a world that is vastly different from my own. - Amber
I would love to explore the ancient sites of the world. Machu Picchu, Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge, and Petra. Those locations (and any others featured on Ancient Aliens) are definitely on my bucket list. Oh, and I mustn’t forget Alexandra Palace in London where the World Darts Championships are held annually during the holidays. Visiting London would be cool but seeing the biggest darting event in the world in person would be epic. - Brian
I would really like to visit Cuba. I have heard so much about its people, their culture, the beaches and night life. I also want to visit before it is over run with American tourists. - Dave
I’ve never been to Europe, so the whole continent is on my bucket list. At the very least: Italy to see the Mediterranean coast, Ireland to have a pint or four of some stouts, and England to chant mindlessly at a Tottenham Hotspur match. Basically, traveling for my passions, and to discover new ones. - Nick
What is your best travel tip or travel advice?
Be flexible and remember that everything may not work out as planned. There will be small hiccups along the way – everything from transportation to service levels – may not work out as expected. If you take things in stride and keep everything in perspective along the way, you will always enjoy your trip – no matter where that may be. - Dave

Figure out what you want to do ahead of time. You’ll see/do more, but you also have to be willing to accept that plans change! Don’t skimp on where you’re staying, this doesn’t mean that you have to stay in a 5 star hotel, but if you try to save some money by staying in a cheaper hotel that’s a few miles from the center of everything, traveling into town to do things gets old fast! Don’t be afraid of public transit! Sometimes that’s the best way to get around! Push yourself to try/experience new things! -Amber

"Don’t overthink packing. Travel light. So many times, I’ve returned home with a bag half full of things I didn’t even use. At the end of the day you don’t need that much stuff. Also, by not packing so much you can bring home more fun souvenirs! Talk to strangers. Not the shady looking ones (although they can be a lot of fun too) but specifically locals. I’m constantly amazed by the connections that I make with people while traveling. Some of my most memorable adventures began by simply asking a stranger “what’s there to do around here?” - Brian

"Easy. Look at the local CVB’s website. Also, plan extensively, let locals guide you, and pack for everything (don't listen to Brian). You never know when that tux might come in handy." -Nick

"Don't underestimate your trip planning process. Yes, sometimes it's awesome to do a spontaneous trip, but many destinations are not set up to be done spontaneously. Check out the local CVB's website, their travel products (travel guides, maps etc.) before you get there! If you're going to a place with a culture vastly different than your own, then plan ahead by researching important cultural customs so you are ready for anything. Sometimes I even go as far as researching what attractions and food is close/within walking distance of wherever I'm staying." - Meg

Thank you for joining us as we reflect on our past travel experiences and the importance of them as we celebrate National Plan Your Vacation Day! Where are you going to travel next?

Check out some images from our past travel adventures!


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