An Adventure to the Florida Museum of Natural History By Uma Kumar

As a University of Florida freshman, I was astonished by the beautiful campus and all the unique sites it has to offer. But I did not realize the Florida Museum of Natural History was on campus. My visit to the museum was enjoyable because it was peaceful to be close to nature, especially the Butterfly Rainforest. The design of the exhibit was the most appealing out of everything in the whole museum because it was one part that was real. It was true nature. Walking through the garden, I felt like a little girl again when a butterfly would fly right next to me. The rest of the museum was in a completely different medium; the other exhibits were recreated, but this was real. It was easier to connect and understand to information being conveyed.

A normal day with butterflies.

Walking through the museum, I noticed that everyone was attracted to a different area. Some enjoyed seeing the caves and what people at that time. But, there was one piece of artwork that caught my eye called “Butterfly from the Mist”. Even though it was just artwork, it actually made me feel like the butterflies were flying from right to left as a group. The two different mediums in the sculpture gave it more depth. I was able to connect and appreciate the butterflies and translucent stones from all around the world. It gave me a sense of wholeness. In that one sculpture the artist was able to display beauty and the sense of the world.

In between 20 different butterflies.

I did not realize my trip to the museum would awaken the ethical responsibility in me. Looking around me in the museum I realized we sometimes take nature for granted since it is always around us. Not all places are blessed like Florida with trees and green patches like Florida. In many areas, the environment is being demolished in order to modernize the area. Looking at the butterflies from around the world made me realize there are animals around the world in danger. I might not be able to revolutionize the world’s view on nature, but I can at least tell the people around me to care for nature not just take it for granted to make a bit of a difference.

From a daily routine of classes, meetings, homework, and a bit of Netflix, I thought of something new for once. I asked myself do we know everything about nature? Of course not! There are many things out there in the world that still remain a mystery. One of those is the American Mastodon or more commonly known as the mammoth which stood at the beginning of all the exhibits. It was a show stopper I tell you. Just looking at the bones I was astonished by how big it was. I looked like a minion standing next to it! Looking closer at the mammoth I realized they are very similar to our elephants today. This made me start wondering about all the things I was taught in middle school about homosapiens, but now I actually want to know where we, humans, came from.

The size of its legs is over 6 feet. No wonder I look tiny.

My trip to the Florida Museum of Natural History was different from my initial expectations. The next time you have a chance, you should go out there too!

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