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Welcome from Sam.....

It's been another busy couple of weeks for the UTB team, with lots of events and travel in both Australia and New Zealand. Last week I had the pleasure of travelling and training throughout the Snowy Mountains, a magnificant part of Australia. My trip included a visit to Cabramurra, Australia's highest town, where I experienced a spring snow storm! Given us Aussie's don't see snow often, it was pretty exciting for me (which some of my NZ colleagues found rather amusing!).

Exciting travel opportunities aside, one of the things that I enjoy most about my role is that I am always learning something new by helping others. Last week I was thrilled to have a lovely 18 year old trainee teach me something new about Google Sheets! Learning by helping others with technology is something that each and every one of you can benefit from. People often ask us how we know so much about digital tools. The secret is that we are often asked questions we don't know the answer to, and in finding out the answers we continue to build our knowledge. So next time you're faced with a technology question you don't know the answer to, recognise it as a great learning opportunity!

A few snaps from Sam's travels.

something to make you think.....

ARTICLE: Have you been STEM-rolled? - Anna Kinane

What is STEM/STEAM? How does it look in the classroom? Is it a subject?

How do I plan for it? Where does it fit in the curriculum?

If you've been asking yourself these questions - you are not alone!

This is a great article looking at STEM (or STEAM) in the Primary classroom and helps to clarify the difference between STEAM, Digital Technologies and ICT General Capabilities (e-learning). We encourage you to read it and have a discussion at your school around your understanding of these areas. The comments below the article are worth a read as well! Let us know what you think.

A graphic used during UTB training outlining the difference between the three areas.


Microsoft OneNote Magic!

Microsoft have been updating their OneNote app, often referred to as the Windows 10 app, and there's a few things to be happy about 😊.

You can now search your tags, choose how you want to paste things, solve maths equations and sync your notebooks quickly.

These things could be done in the desktop version but not the app.

We've linked the full blog for you here.

We've also linked a blog explaining the difference between OneNote 2016 and the OneNote App for those who aren't sure. It's something we're often asked about.🤔

blog posts you may have missed

Check out the practical, helpful tips in our blogs below.

Something you want us to blog about? Make a request here or check out our website to see all our posts.

Demistifying Gmail's Archive button - For many people that attend our Gmail workshops, the ‘Archive’ button in Gmail is a bit of a mystery. Some people even tell me that they’re a bit scared about clicking it, as they’re not sure what will happen to their email if they do! Read on and demystify the Archive button for good! - By Samantha Vardenega

Three ways to use the Screen Recording tool on iPads Capturing evidence of a student’s learning is vital in order to be able to show how you know, and how they know, they have been successful. I’ll share three different ways you can leverage this tool in your class programme to showcase students’ learning. - By Donna Golightly

Use Gmail filters to auto-label and file your emails - Managing the never ending avalanche of emails that arrive in our inbox can sometimes feel like a full time job in itself! One strategy that can help you overcome this is using filters to automate email management and keep less important emails out of your inbox. In this post, we’ll show you how to setup filters in Gmail. - By Samantha Vardenega

tip of the week...

Google Slides Q & A

The Google Slides Q&A feature is not at all new but still highly underutilised.

Next time your giving a presentation with Google Slides try out the Q&A feature and take your audience interactivity to the next level.

This is a brilliant tool for encouraging participation from your more reserved students who may feel uncomfortable raising their hand and contributing.

Check out how to do this here!

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upcoming events

With the end of 2018 fast approaching we are starting to get our calendars filled with training and events for 2019 - watch this space.

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2019 - Victoria, Queenstown and Alexandra

These boot camps are fast paced, 2 day courses that cover a wide range of G Suite tools and how to use them in the classroom. You will also sit the 3 hour Google Certified Educator exam, where you will demonstrate your knowledge with multiple choice and practical scenario questions.

We've seen an increase in demand for our Google Certified Educator boot camps at both Level 1 and 2. This is great, as we think our two day courses have a lot to offer for everyone working with G Suite. There's several locations to choose from below. If you'd like to host one at your school, as always, feel free to get in touch!

GCE Bootcamps - Click on one of the locations listed below to find out more!

Alexandra - Level 1 - February 2019

Geelong, Victoria - Level 1 - Feb/March 2019

Queenstown - Level 2 - March 2019

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