Greenwood County, Kansas Katlyn Kimmi

County sheriff is Heath Samuels. County clerk is Kathy Robison

The biggest city in greenwood county is Eureka, which has around 2532 people. The smallest is Climax, which has about 64 poeple. Some other cities are Fall River, with a population of 154, and Hamilton, with a population of 286.

Greenwood county was named after Alfred B. Greenwood, who was the commissioner of Indian affairs in 1854.

William Martindale was the first county treasurer. People think that "a certain rich man" by William Allen White was based off of him.

Edwin Tucker was a school teacher, merchant, and banker and was also a regent for Washburn university. He supposedly yelled out "Eureka!" When he found the town, which is how it got its name.

The first school district was founded in 1868 near Madison, KS

The first church in Greenwood county was a Congregational church, founded in 1862

The first county fair took place in 1872 and continues today

Places and landmarks
Greenwood hotel

(No pic) tucker house. It was built by Edwin tucker out of stone in 1861

Eureka Carnegie library

(No pic) Indian Springs petroglyphs site near Fall River, KS

(No pic) Lone cone archaeological site near Madison, KS

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