Tour of the Harn By tommy townsend (Header Photo by visitgainesville.com)

Medium of the Art

Traditional African Celebratory Clothing

Some say that in order to truly appreciate are work it must be seen in person and after visiting the Harn Museum I fully support that statement. Out of the many works of art I came across at the museum, one of the pieces that really stood out to me was the celebratory clothing in the photograph above. Many people do not see clothing as art, and neither did I until I saw pieces like this up close and in person at the museum. Seeing this figure greatly improved my appreciation for the work by seeing how much care and detail actually goes into making clothing of this type. Compared to today where items can be mass produced, the amount of time it took to create something of that sort is truly incredible. What struck me the most about this is the patterns woven into the fabric and the detail put into the face cover. As well as an appreciation for the clothing, this work of art created and appreciation for other cultures. This art motivated me to go out and learn about other cultures and what makes them who they are.

Design of the Museum

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing (photo by tripadvisor.com)

As seen in the photo above, the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing was by far my favorite part of the museum. The use of natural lighting and arrangement of the works correlate perfectly. One of the reasons I enjoyed this section of the museum is because of the use of natural light and the fact that no other room in the museum utilizes this aspect. Also the use of wooden floors was another aspect that jumps out because it gives a sense of culture and warmth to the room. The use of outdoor space was also well used. The garden created an out door space full of Asian plants and sense of peace and serenity. Upon entering the exhibit, I was overcome with very positive and inviting vibe that, once again, no other exhibit represented.

Art and Core Values

Garden Outside the Asian Art Wing

A value I hold very close to me that was represented in the museum was peace. I love positivity and after exiting the rear of the Asian Art Wing I saw this beautiful Asian style garden. A few things I look for when seeking peace and solitude is nature and silence from the rest f the world. This garden brought those aspects right to me once I stepped out side. The fountain trickling water down the rocks into the pond brought me to my happy place and memories of being in the mountains by a creek. Also the beauty of the plants brought a soothing visual aspect to this exhibit. This garden did not really help me better understand what I believe, but it acted as a reinforcer.

Art and the Good Life

Zandvoort by Frank Stella

The piece above, to me, embodied the Good Life through the use of a wide variety of color, shapes and animals. In my opinion the Good Life is achieved through exposure to diversity and learning about different cultures and adopting ideas that you believe. In that work I see different cultures, beliefs and many other themes coming together to make something complete and whole for everyone to enjoy.

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