shhhhhhhh bLog 2


We have landed on the west indies!!!!! (right?)

This is our friend P211.T45. He's really into heavy metal and silos.

To start our little scavenger we began at the Lee Hall Silo. This was pretty nifty, since I'd never actually seen this before. In our search we found the Dewey Decimal digits for the secret book we had to find. Shortly after this picture we made our way to Cooper...

without further ado

so me and Caroline rolled into Cooper, pushed by hurricane winds. We then went to the help desk between the two learning commons and were lead to a helpful lady named Kim. Turns out, the book wasn't as SECRETIVE as we thought, because before we could spit out the book code, she said "I'll get it, it's in the back."

Just like the engraving at the Lee Hall Silo, this book is making its mark, quite literally. The book is nearly half full with stories from students, funny quotes, and images used to express themselves. This book is chalked full of people using rhetoric. They use this rhetoric to try to persuade people of their points. These are some that we found...

look at my finger nails

This poem is a great example of style and invention. Logan created a language in her poem to try and get her point across, and attempt to persuade the audience that the secret was somewhere to be found.

five for the price of one

Emily's paragraph (top left) really uses ethos to try and persuade the readers how great her experience at Clemson has been. This style really makes the reader understand, and feel a bit of catharsis for the way she feels about leaving Clemson.

The paragraph below Emily's post is a great quote. By using a quote from Michael Scott, the author weaves a way of comparing this phrase to how it feels to be in college. This is a great use of invention to persuade the reader of how college really is (its true)

ermahgerd merms

Casey did a really great job of expressing herself and trying to persuade the audience that they have potential in a very up to date modern way. Don't let your memes be dreams!!! (I feel like this could be out of Dead Poet's Society)

Casey used style in that he rhymed his words in order to get his argument through.


The whole idea of a "secret book" is really just a metaphor for everyone's own individual uses of rhetoric. Skimming through the book, there were dozens of different people trying to say something, whether it was sentimental, or whether it was inspirational. Each person used their own canon of rhetoric. Each had a different style, mode of delivery, and inventive way in which they tried to persuade the reader of their point. The plate at the silo with the inscription had me convinced that the secret book was really some book kept under lock and key with around the clock surveillance. Without saying anything, the Lee Hall Silo had used rhetoric to persuade me in one direction. When I got the book and read through it, I realized that the book wasn't really a secret. Instead, it was inventive, creative, and persuasive.

The secret book symbolizes our own individual uses of rhetoric. However, you shouldn't fall for all rhetoric. Just because something is influencing you to believe something (American government), doesn't really mean you have to believe it. The silo had me CONVINCED i was going to find something crazy, like a little treasure hunt. I found out for myself what i was really supposed to find. It's no secret, rhetoric is everywhere, and we are all little rhetoricians.

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