A Collision To The Head By: Canyon Schirpik

When football started the teams would call plays, mass plays that involved the whole team to mow down their opponents with their momentum. These types of plays caused so many injuries to the body, especially the head.

In the skull there is a protective fluid called cerebrospinal fluid, this fluid acts as a cushion, preventing the brain from striking the hard skull. This system protects the brain from most small bumps.

Riddell has been making helmets for years. This football helmet brand has improved from leather helmets, to embedding technology into the helmet. This technology can send alerts when a player's health might be in danger. The helmet has a polymer-film that develops a charge when impact, the helmets crown contains a flexible panel that compresses upon impact. Reducing the force of impact.

Research has helped let us know more about concussions. When the skull hits something hard, the brain moves around like mayonnaise in a balloon. A head on hit may cause the brain to accelerate in a straight toward the back of the skull. An angle hit to the head could cause the brain to rotate slightly.

Boys and girls respond to concussions differently. Boys may ignore hits to the head because they are worried they will look weak if taken of the field or court during a game. Girls tend to ignore concussions because they don't realize how serious they are.

If you ever think you or someone else has a concussion look for these symptoms. Some are dizziness, sensitivity to light, neck pain, drowsy, and even feeling more emotional.

So what if this new helmet made by Riddell works or doesn't work? I think it will work due to the new technology embedded into this helmet, and the new padding they have made. Even if this technology doesn't work i still think the percentage of concussions will shrink because of this new and improved helmet.


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