American Inventions that shaped the roaring twenties


1920's America goes by many names. Most commonly referred to as the Roaring Twenties, the 1920's is also known as the Jazz Age. Harlem saw its renaissance during this time, and the American people witnessed many firsts. Among these were a great number of American inventions, including...



Your task is to choose 1 of the inventions listed below. Research your chosen invention, and write a paragraph containing at least 5 significant facts about your chosen invention. Finally, post your research onto your own Adobe Spark Page.

(Disclaimer: Not all of the following inventions were invented in the 1920's. Some of them were invented in the early 1900's, but they all helped to shape life in the 1920's. Can you explain how?)


You will be placed into groups of 3! Research independently, but post your research to the same Page.

Choose 1 of the following inventions (Make sure no two people in your group choose the same invention!):

Research your chosen invention.

Write a paragraph containing at least 5 significant facts about your chosen invention. 1 of your 5 facts must be who invented it. 1 of your 5 facts must also be the year it was invented. The remaining 3 of your 5 facts are up to you!

Post your research to your own Adobe Spark Page. (Do this as a group! Your Page should include a total of 3 inventions and 15 facts, because you have been placed in groups of 3.)

Finally, try to include a picture depicting the original invention.


Wow! Can you imagine life without a refrigerator? Can you imagine life without a TV? Think about how all of these inventions from the early 1900's and 1920's helped to shape the Roaring Twenties. How have they shaped the 21st century?


As a group, discuss the questions posed above. Then, write a paragraph summarizing your thoughts and post them in a shared Google Doc.

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