Paper Towns Book by JOhn Green

Paper Towns is a Story about three friends that go on an adventure to a "Paper Town" in New York. They try to find someone who ran away from their home (Orlando, Florida) leaving clues for the three to figure out.

Their names are Quinn, (Q, for short) Ben, and Radar. They go and find someone by the name of Mago Roth Spigelman. Margo is always running away from home, leaving behind clues for people like her friends and family to figure out. Once, She left behing a bowl of soup with Spagetti-O's spelling out M I S S I S S I P P I when she went to the Mississippi River. But that's beside the point...

Mississippi Capitol Building

The place they went to is called Agloe, New York. It wasn't really real, but then someone actually made Agloe, New York a real place. Not just in the book, but in real life, as well.

They left right before graduation to find Margo.

When all the clues were found and figured out, they all lead to a really creepy abandoned building with no name. This was before they left for the trip, too. In the abandoned building, there were something called "Troll Holes". Troll Holes are moderetly large holes in the walls that you could climb through to get to another room. There were no doors, no windows, and tiny, tiny, holes in the celing were the only source of light. Thanks to the rats and mice that ran around.

The abandoned building probably looked something like this one, except that the building in the story is only one floor.

They go on a really long trip (that's 21 hours) to Agloe, New York. They have a lot of issues and conflicts on the way there. Like taking turns sleeping shifts when one person is driving, switching between drivers without stopping the van, etc. I haven't read all of the book yet, so I don't know how it will end!

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