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I'm Caitlin and I am thrilled to welcome you to lake/wood. A name which was born by combining the area I grew up in and the place I've spent a majority of my adult life. I've had this title in my head for nearly two years, before finally putting it in writing. For awhile, I never knew what to do with it, but it was always there, lingering, waiting. Until now. I realized that I needed to stop making excuses and, as the Nike slogan goes -- just do it. And now, we are here.

I consider myself a budget friendly mid-twenty something year old, just trying to find their niche and wanting to share it with the people around me. No, I can't say much about fashion, but I do hope to focus on travel, food, DIY and of course, some personal content. And who knows, maybe I will find more subjects along the way.

Born and raised on the Coastal line of Mississippi, I've never strayed too far from my roots. Continuing my college education at Southern Mississippi, I've remained in the same town shortly after graduating. Currently working as an Event Coordinator, I have found that I truly enjoy myself off the clock. Researching chefs, travel blogs, and numerous at home projects -- which includes growing Pinterests boards waiting to be siphoned through.

Take a look around and find something you like. I hope you stay awhile!




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