Inspired by the Messenger

What have you learned from The Messenger? Ask this question to people from around the world and you might get a lot of different answers. But in all of their answers you will find that from the historic actions of Brother Felix Y. Manalo, God’s Messenger in These Last Days they have drawn strength, inspiration and have born witness to his courage.

Brian McMahon (Melbourne, Australia): Even though I wasn’t around at that particular time, I have been amazed at the stories that some of the older members of the Church have told about him and the trials he overcame. His tenacity, his faithfulness. He was able to overcome all the difficulties he faced.
Jerica May Guanzon (Wyndham, Australia): And that courage is something that, as a member of the Church of Christ, and as an officer, I’d like to be able to emulate as well. I’ll try my hardest to be able to have the same courage as Brother Felix Y. Manalo did when he was still alive.
Adian Pangilinan (Missassauga, Canada): I look at that and it shows me how much more I need to work on my faith and how much more I need to serve God.
Lauren Quero (Mississauga, Canada): Brother Felix Y. Manalo’s life—he was very brave and he didn’t let anything stand in his way. It encourages me to be exactly the way he was and not be doubtful or scared about inviting other people into the Church.
John Flores (Sydney, Australia): The greatest lesson I’ve learned is that even though people kept persecuting him, even though that other people said that ‘You can’t do this,’ this one man changed these people’s minds.
Richard Suniga (Dandenong, Australia): Being one person at that time, he managed to conquer everything by the help of our Almighty God.
Sébastien Le Guyader (Paris, France): He persevered and he stayed firm in his faith and conviction, so that’s why now we can see the result.
Carlo Matining (Brimbank, Australia): You look back on his life and he was just one man, yet he was so courageous. He placed 100 percent of his trust in our Almighty God, that God will take care of him and I want to imitate that. It’s inspired me to do my best, to try my hardest to do what he’s done, which is to share his faith courageously, and share that the Church of Christ exists today and anybody can join it and be with us in serving our Almighty God. The past 100 years just show that, if you trust in our Almighty God, if you trust in His promise and you believe that he will take care of you and help you in your duties, He will help you. His promises will come true.
Elison Lugue (South San Diego): So the greatest lesson I’ve learned from Brother Felix Y. Manalo’s life is, basically, anything can happen with the help of God.
Sanny Basilio (Melbourne, Australia): Do not give up. Do not lose hope. Because we know the life of Brother Felix Y. Manalo. He encountered so many trials and challenges, but he did not lose heart. Instead, he always trusted in the promises of our Lord God. That’s why the Church has come to its magnificent stature.

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