Coal The Good, Bad, The Ugly BY: Nick Lord

Is Coal Good or Bad for the Environment?

Coal, is one of the worst power sources for the environment. When mining it, it creates massive wholes in the earth causing, wildlife to die out. There are also many human health effect from this, one of them is when we burn the coal it creates green house gases, which contain carbon dioxide, which is bad for our health, and also has Ozon which also causes global warming.

Is Coal expensive and Hard to find??

- No coal is not hard to find in most areas across the world but in some small places it is ver difficult to find, And it is the cheapest source of energy available for use.

What is coal and what is it used for?

- coal is a black or dark brown rock, found underneath the earths surface. We use it to power the things we use in our everyday lives. in order to get the power we have to burn it and in that we create a lot of pollution.

This is a labeled coal plant


- very cheap

- takes up a lot of space, because when you mine it, it creates massive wholes in the earth that ruin habitats.

Has a lot of bad humans health effects

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