The Refugee Crisis - What is Australia Doing To Help... BY TALON WOODWARD 7E



The vast majority of refugees are residing in poorer countries. Developing countries are doing the heaviest lifting, with 86 per cent of refugees residing in in low- and middle-income countries and remaining close to situations of conflict. An increased focus on border controls in Europe, America and Australia are ensuring that those seeking safety remain stuck in developing countries, often without legal rights to work, attend school or receive essential services such as healthcare. This is a global disgrace!


Australia is urged to continue to up their refugee intake. Australia by comparison once again fails to do its fair share in protecting refugees. Of the 2.45 million refugees who had their status recognized or were resettled in 2015, just 0.48% were assisted by Australia (11,776 people). Australia is ranked 3rd in the world for refugee intake passed by the United Nations behind America (66,500) and Canada (20,000). Yet Australia is ranked 25th overall… when it comes to the total number of refugees recognized and resettled by a country. Australia needs to take a stand and help the people in need. We are a respected and well known, ‘1st world’ country. We should be taking more if not double of the amount of refugees per year. The Refugee Council is asking the Australian Government to step up. We need to act now! Australia’s refugee policy is changing every year due to political party changes and an increase in the number of asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat (51,637 arrivals in the five years to December 2013). Since a change of government in 2015, Australia only allowed 13750 refugees into “Australian” shores. This allocation of 13,750 places, with 11,000 reserved for offshore resettlement, will continue until 2016-17, with the majority of these places dedicated to offshore resettlement. Australia needs to grant more visas to refugees now!


There are now 21.3 million refugees worldwide, an increase in 1.7 million from 2014. Syria have the most refugees at 4.9 million, closely followed by Afghanistan at 2.7 million and Somalia at 1.1 million. Distressingly children makeup more than 50% of these figures. All these refugees are escaping war-torn countries and have nowhere to go. We need to make a stand. One in every 113 people globally is now either an asylum-seeker, internally displaced or a refuge. To put this number in perspective, the number of people forcibly displaced is greater than the populations of Australia and New Zealand and Canada combined.

English Assignment Reflection

I enjoyed Term 1’s English Assignment. My contemporary issue was the Global Refugee Crisis and what Australia was doing to help.

What I Did Well

I believe that did my Newspaper article well. I used more than five effective persuasive devices. These included: repetition, inclusive and emotional words, true and alarming facts, strong bias opinion (points of view), a solution and a chart (to put the facts into perspective for the look not read people). My layout was done really well since I used a program called Publisher. I also did the annotating well on ‘Thinglink’ and highlighted the key aspects of the advertisement and pointed out the different persuasive devices I used.

What I Can Improve On

I can improve on my persuasive image and make it more believable and visually pleasing. The image looks unrealistic but I think that with a bit more time and practise with photo shop I could have finished with a better advertisement.

What I Needed Help With

I needed help with Photoshop and creating my persuasive image. I thought I did pretty well doing Photoshop but it was my first time doing it so I needed a general introduction to learn the basic skills and tricks.


This English Assignment has taught me a lot about using different computer programs like Publisher, Thing link, Adobe Spark and Photo Shop. I have also learnt about how persuasive texts can be dissected and how to pinpoint different persuasive techniques. I have also learnt how a persuasive image can change someone’s opinion on something.


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