LGA NEWS EDITION 1, DATE: 17 September 2021


Welcome to our Lord Grey Academy community and a special welcome to those new Year 7 and Year 12 parents who are joining us for the first time.

We have had a great first two weeks of a staggered return to school. Thank you for your commitment to the testing to return regime, it has been very helpful in our efforts to keep the academy safe. Thank you too, to those who are wearing the masks in corridors and stairwells we really are looking after each other.

We launched our Academy vision and values in our first assemblies and students voiced their commitment to the Lord Grey Way and to our new five character values: Determination, Ambition, Curiosity, Civility and Integrity. Already we have hundreds of character value points awarded for how students have exemplified this - well done!

As I hope you can see, our vision and values will be a true commitment from all of us to ensure that Lord Grey Can.

Our newsletter shows you the wonderful things that our students have been part of... my favourite has been the Hot Chocolate Friday with those high character value point receivers. This will be a weekly part of celebrating student success and getting to share their viewpoint with me.

During tutor time, students from all years have been discussing the ethos behind Lord Grey Can and how we are acting to empower every student to flourish here at Lord Grey Academy. Our work is to ensure every student leaves Lord Grey with the five character values on their CV as they are ones which will support their qualifications and their futures.

I hope to see Year 7 parents on the 30th September - more details to follow in a separate letter - and to meet you all at our parent events across the academic year.

Enjoy the newsletter!

Samantha Satyanadhan, Associate Principal.

Rewarding Character at Lord Grey Academy

After a review and change to our Motto and Vision to reflect the journey we are undertaking, our values of Determination, Ambition, Curiosity, Civility and Integrity will be caught, taught and sought out so that we develop the character of Lord Grey students to prepare them for life beyond school.

Students and parents told us we needed to review our rewards system. The pupil voice in particular clearly wanted to know more about why and where they were achieving House Points. We have listened and acted. We have replaced House Points with Value Points directly linked with our values.

Students feedback is very positive and proven by their actions. So far this year 8210 Value Points have been issued! Well done Lord Grey Students.

The totals for each Value are as follows.

  • Determination 3653 Value Points
  • Ambition 1678 Value Points
  • Curiosity 1356 Value Points
  • Civility 1101 Value points
  • Integrity 422 Value Points

As a result of their individual actions, the following students were invited for a Hot Chocolate Friday with Mr. Killen (Assistant Principal) and Mrs. Satyanadhan (Associate Principal) to celebrate their success and discuss what these values mean to them:

  • Dominik E08RBE
  • Keeley L08MMO
  • Hayden L08DCH
  • Lewis T10DSM
  • Amiro L10 GSG
  • Faith L07CHE
  • Emmanual E08MDV
  • Luke T08HCN
  • Aania L07NMC

We're looking forward to our next Hot Chocolate Friday!

Mr. Killen, Assistant Principal

Welcome From Year 7

New students, new Associate Principal, new Values and new roles!

As the new Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year 7 we wanted to share with you how proud we are to support our students. The start of autumn, our doors opened and the sun burned high in the sky, to greet and warm us all into school.

The Lord Grey Values set the tone for our students to achieve and grow in secondary school.

The Lord Grey Values set the tone for our students to achieve and grow

'Civility' is an exceptionally important starting Value to us, as we all meet new students and embrace new expectations with kindness, respect and appreciation of others' feelings.

'Curiosity' drives our ambitions as it entices each of us to research and discover, encouraging us to challenge our knowledge.

It is such an honour to be able to support our students as they start their Lord Grey journey and discover the Lord Grey Way.

Year 7 have put on the blazer, taken up the gauntlet and are amazing.

Mrs Wasway and Mr Crook

Welcome from Year 8

Welcome back to all the Fabulous year 8 students!

Year 8 is such an important year for you all, as you build upon the foundation you laid last year and start progressing through Lord Grey Academy.

Year 8 Students have got the year off to a fabulous start with students showing our core values, Determination, Ambition, Curiosity, Civility and Integrity and with FIVE of the top ten students with the most value points coming from year 8!

FIVE of the Top Ten students with the most value points are from year 8!

Both Mrs Kirby and I are here if you need us, and you all have fabulous form tutors who can help you too.

Keep working hard, keep earning those value points and lets show the world that Lord Grey Can!

Miss Brown and Mrs Kirby


Welcome back to all our amazing year 9 students for the start of this academic year.

We are both so pleased that we have the pleasure of leading you all into your option year where you will be able to make choices that influence your GSCE's and also your further educational journey and into your chosen career.

As a year group we will be;

Determined to make the right choices, focus on our education, value learning which in turn will impact on our futures.

Have Ambition and strive to be the best we can, embracing our education and encourage others in Year 9 to do the same.

Be Curious and question as individuals within year 9 how to enhance our target grades and aim for the stars, questioning teachers and tackling challenging tasks that they set with determination.

Showing Civility by respecting and considering each other, supporting our fellow pupils and always respecting each other.

Delivering Integrity in all we do making sure that we considered all pupils and staff, remembering that kindness costs nothing and makes the world smile.

kindness costs nothing and makes the world smile

Finally, we are always here year 9 for you and all your wonderful, supportive parents if and when you need us, our door is always open.

Now lets begin our journey together.

Ms Dunn and Mrs Kirby


Welcome Year 10!

I am proud to say that I am your Head of Year and we are lucky to have Miss Whalley as our KS4 Assistant.

I am really impressed with the "Lord Grey Can" attitude you have returned to school with, especially in this vital year. You CAN adapt to changes and you CAN Achieve and Prosper.

This can be a challenging year for you working towards your GCSEs. Please ensure that at any time you feel you need some help or support that you speak to either your Form Tutor, Miss Whalley or Myself.

Remember, be Organised, Sleep Well, make sure you have Eaten and you are Hydrated, all of this will help you to remain focused. Most of all stay Positive and believe you CAN.

Most of all stay Positive and believe you CAN

I am looking forward to the next two years working with you all and seeing you grow.

Mrs Bowen and Miss Whalley


Welcome back to your final GCSE year.

This year is a very exciting opportunity and I am really looking forward to meeting with you all to discuss your options for post 16 education. I have already had really focused meetings with a handful of you who have a specific goal, and some who were not sure where to start and this is absolutely fine.

This year is a very exciting opportunity

We are keen to give you a range of opportunities so please have a think already about what you could see yourself doing in your next step.

We are also delighted in the hub that students have been inviting us to see their practical work in food tech, and we have even had the pleasure of tasting some of these - Thank you Katelyn!

Archie has also excelled in iachieve and we are very proud of his success on his latest test scores!

Y11 have also shown great resilience in maths mastery with Lacey, Sky and Godrin working extremely hard and overcoming challenges in their work.

Well done and keep up the good work.

Miss Hussey and Miss Whalley


It has been great start to the new academic year for all of the Sixth Form Students and the Sixth Form Team. We are so proud to see our sixth formers, ready and willing to learn and engaging with their chosen subjects especially after the difficulties of the last year. Their strength and resilience is amazing.

We are so proud to see our sixth formers, ready and willing to learn

As you may know, there have been some changes to our Sixth Form team - Mrs Alison Butterfield is now Head of Year 12 and Mrs Anne Sherwood is Head of Year 13. Mr Stuart Hoggard remains as Senior Academic Tutor and Year 13 UCAS Advisor.

Mrs Butterfield is very much looking forward to working with the new Year 12 cohort, supporting them with their studies and to cope positively with this first step in their Higher Education journey on a pastoral level.

Mrs Sherwood has high expectations for her students in Year 13. Helping them to progress either onto University or work placements and Apprenticeships. This is a huge part of her new role. Assistance with UCAS applications and CV’s is a high priority. Equally important offering pastoral support with any issues that may arise.

Mrs Shanie Jamieson is still in post as Sixth Form Attendance Officer. Any issues arising from attendance being her remit.

As always I can be found in my office, or teaching in the Science department and always welcome a chat about your studies or anything else you would like to discuss such as enrichment activities and suggestions to improve sixth form.

There will be a lot of opportunities this academic year for students to engage not only with their learning, the Lord Grey Community and the wider community but with potential employers and other academic institutions. Please be ready to make the most of these opportunities by adopting the sixth form ethos. Having the correct equipment, following our dress code and arriving on time for lessons will also facilitate your academic journey.

Mr Jason Darvall, Head of Sixth Form

Performing Arts


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We will be on Week Two the week commencing the 27th September 2021 and the 18th October 2021.

We will be on Week Three the week commencing the 4th October 2021 and the 25th October 2-2021.





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