As our little droplet precipitats he says good bye to his mom."Bye mom I'm finally going to precipitate and leave the glacier"aqua told his mom.
"What is a lapres doing here mom I'm going to start my journey through the water cycle by going into a runoff"aqua told his mom as he was being swallowed. Then as aqua was being swallowed lapres was going down river
"Eww he just made me rainbow when he peed me out, bleh disgusting"aqua told himself disgustedly and he tried wiping of the rainbow.
"Finally I'm turning back no he's doing it again wait now I'm evaporating yay I'm precipitating into a mini cloud"aqua thought excitedly while he floated around in the air like he just don't care.
"What why am I condensating I was only cloud 5seconds"aqua sadly yelled as he rains down as sad rain
"Im back to the river yay time to relax"Aqua thought as he relaxes in the "lazy river" a.k.a the normal river
"No I'm in the ground water. I'm going to be stuck in here for ever" aqua yelled out to the ground.
"Wait I'm back in the river but how, oh I infiltrateed backto the river yay I not going to be old when I complete the cycle" aqua yelled cheerfully "ow my hip" aqua yelled. He noticed that he did age 25 YEARS Don Don da.
"Not this again yay I'm evaporating and now for the condensation magic,aqua cloud is back" aqua yelled out as he flew through the air like he just don't care.
"Yay now I can help the other droplets with the water cycle here you go" aqua cloud helpfully
"Thank you " said the three water droplets
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