The Divine Sophie nasrullah

SPACIAL EXPERIENCE: Before coming to the Constans Theatre to see The Divine, I didn't even know where it was. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to see it because now I am eager to go back. I loved the small, intimate setting. As we walked in, I was taken aback by the beautiful stage and stain glass back drop. We were fortunate to get very good seats, which felt as though they were in the very middle of the audience. I thought it was interesting how the actors utilized the space; for example, when Sarah walked out into the audience. Everything about the experience felt personal in way, because everything was so close. Even the acoustics of the theatre made me feel as though we were closer to the stage than we probably were.
SOCIAL EXPERIENCE: I attended the play with my boyfriend Chris, who as you can tell was extremely happy that I was taking photos of him (but yes I had his consent to use this!!). Going to the play with him enhanced my experience drastically. He is one of my best friends and there is a certain joy in experiencing art with people you want to be around. I also felt, because most of the people attending the play were UF students and I'm assuming of those mostly Good Life students, there was a certain commraderie among us. It was honestly really enjoyable to go out and experience something intellectual alongside our peers, as usually our common activities tend to be slightly less dignified.
CULTURAL AND INTELLECTUAL EXPEREINCE: One thing that I really enjoyed about this play was that it was not afraid to talk about big issues. I found it particularly interesting how these issues are still relevant today. One of the main themes was what we now refer to as "fast fashion"- horrible working conditions for laborers producing cheap clothing. Another was sexual abuse in the Catholic church, which unfortunately is still prominent today. I really like the way they went about portraying these issues. I thought it was really clever that the play Sarah was creating ran parallel to the play itself. It really made you think about all of the interacting components of the play and how each part addressed a specific social issue.
EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE: For me, the major catharsis took place when we found out about the sexual assault. There was a sort of tense build up to it, in which hints were dropped but we didn't know for certain. During that scene in the dormitory when it was revealed to us, I felt intensely uncomfortable and sad. I thought it was really great that this play was able to evoke such an emotional response. It highlighted, in numerous ways, human downfalls and the tragedy of our own condition. I walked out of the theatre feeling conflicted and with an almost emotional stress, That feeling made me grateful I had gone; I made the experience feel real and worthwhile.

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