Authentic Italian American Deli serves food for the hungriest of the hungry By: Grady narang '20

Since 1925, Winfield Deli has been offering authentic Italian foods, as well as traditional American Deli recipes. The Deli serves seasonal dishes from local Connecticut farms including salads, hots foods and high quality cold cuts. With an inviting colorful interior, the Deli makes for the perfect place to start your morning as they serve breakfast all day.

Although space is limited, the Deli does a great job incorporating every inch to encapsulate everything they have to offer. A large glass enclosed case including meats, cheeses and an array of freshly made salads fills the right wall. For seating, a single table for two and two stools are provided for a cozy place to eat inside. The back of the deli includes house made breads and pastries, with fresh fruit available as well. The chalkboard menu and warm atmosphere embody an old fashioned Italian deli with a comfortable feel.

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The dishes range from breakfast sandwiches to avocado toast, granting all taste buds satisfaction. I decided to get their specialty dish the Hungry man, and get the Works bagel on top of it. After waiting 5 minutes, my two dishes were ready and packed for me to go.

The service was quick and the food quality was even better. The Hungry man was amazing, stuffing eggs, cheese, sausage, bacon, and home fries all on a hard roll. The flavors explode in your mouth and each stand out individually. With two eggs, the monstrous sandwich will fill you as its name is not deceiving. I would recommend not getting a dish alongside the Hungry man as it does leave you with little eating room to spare.

Photos taken by Grady Narang ’20

The Works bagel was made to perfection with an even spread of cream cheese and a generous amount of smoked salmon. The smoked salmon and cream cheese is accompanied by red onions and tomato, topped by a toasted plain bagel. The traditional Deli dish is a perfect morning meal for those not too hungry but still want something that will fill you up.

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My experience at Winfield Deli was amazing as it made for a great weekend breakfast. The service was top notch and the food quality excellent. The variety of choices on the menu makes Winfield Deli a point of interest for anyone who enjoys traditional Italian American cuisine and quick friendly service. The total cost of my meal was $12.40, including a breakfast sandwich and bagel. With a welcoming atmosphere and quality service, I would rate Winfield a 8/10 as I had a wonderful experience.

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