The Effect of Social Media on Our Society SBD

Today's social media has been proven numerous times to be beneficial to how we, as a nation, function. We can respond quicker to emergencies, and can communicate to our loved ones in times of need no matter the distance. This is thanks to the technological advancements we have made. However, the social media of today has a dark side that is quickly becoming a danger to our young people.

As you may have heard in recent news, there have been several incidents in the past few months that have occurred through social media. In one case, there was a man in Thailand who streamed himself murdering his newborn daughter on Facebook. Another occurrence was when a 13-year-old boy accidentally killed himself while streaming live (this was also on Facebook) due to people in the comments section goading him into loading a gun that he had in his possession. While loading it, the gun went off, and the boy died in front of multiple witnesses.

These kinds of events have steadily become more and more common throughout the last few years. With every advancement we make, we create a greater risk to the lives of our families, especially our children. It doesn't help matters when we have new Netflix TV shows that practically glorify suicide and offer no solution, or kidnappings and murders happening through our favorite and most used social media.

What needs to happen in order to improve these conditions is we need to have certain regulations when it comes to social media. The internet is a great platform to express creativity and connect with others, but we must look at the danger and try to prevent it as best as possible. We must take into account those who seek to use this as a weapon instead of a way to inspire and share with others. We are all connected through social media, therefore we must protect each other as best we can.

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