My Hero:Anna Hostetler By: Ella Hostetler

Anna is my hero because of all she has done when I was little when I was sad she picked me up. When ever I was her little sidekick in training. Also I love her fun loving spirit when we were kids she was not just my sister she was my best friend my only friend.
Anna was the one who got me interested in sports and my other sister and brother kept saying what ever Anna does I did. Witch I still do Anna started dance when she was little so I wanted to do dance. Anna played basketballs so I wanted to play basketball the 2things she use to do I still do.
Anna was the person who was my babysitter when I was little she told the funniest jokes ever well to me and Griffin because she watched both of us. She got me interested in watching over little kids trying to be a leader. Even when I got mad at her she was the one to say sorry first. (May be because I would cry to mom about it.)
The End

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