Pit bulls from pitbulls and parolees

Pitbulls are just a misunderstood breed and have lots of love to give. A woman named Tia Torres saw that and gave pitbulls a second chance at having a new life. To summarize this, this is what she says, "My name is Tia Maria Torres and I know about second chances. I run a sanctuary for over 300 pit bulls... The world's most misunderstood breed of dog. And it's for parolees the guys I hire because nobody else will. But I'm not fighting the battle alone. My family shares my passion. In the City of Second Chances (New Orleans) my mission is to rescue... My hope is that one day I won't have to."

Tia's husband AJ (who, unfortunately, is currently in jail)
Her "sons" Kanani and Moe and their dog.
Tia's daughters, Tania(black hair) and Maria(blonde hair) and their dogs Bluie(Tania's dog) and Sloth(Maria's dog)
Tia Torres
She rescued this dog and when she did the dog was wagging its tail like nothing ever happened, which is a typical pitbull. The dog was just like a walking skeleton. This was one of Tia's worst rescue.

The most hard-working parolee is a guy named, Earl. And it's kinda surprising that he is the most hard-working considering he only has one functioning arm. He's great with doing the work that has to be done, and great with the dogs.

This is Earl. as you can see his arm is in his pocket. That's the arm the cannot function, but he is determined to work as hard as he possibly can.

Money is strained at Villaobos. They mostly run off of the money they get from fundraisers and donations. So when they found a huge mass of bees, it wasn't good for them at all. It cost over $1,000 to get rid of them. Tia didn't really know what to do so her daughters organized a huge fundraiser, and it was hugely successful. They raised over $8,000.

SO MANY BEES! They called in a beekeeper for the problem (duh)

When Tia injured her leg it was hard when she went out on a rescue. So when she went out on a rescue, she knew that she couldn't chase any of the dogs and that it'd be hard. So she had to throw treats in front of the dog and get the dog closer and closer until she could catch the dog with her loop. But she had one chance or it'd be hard to earn the dogs trust again or the dog might just run off. But she's pretty good with the loop, but everyone makes mistakes. She tried looping the dog and unfortunately she missed and the dog went and hid behind the bushes. But then they installed a "trap" and Tia threw the food in the and the dog went in and the door on the "trap" closed, and she let out a sigh of relief.

Relived that she had caught the dog, Tia layed back on the grass and let out a sigh of relief.
Tia trying to catch the dog

The worst thing to ever happen at Villaobos was when they were in New Orleans (and they still are) there was a huge flood. They had to get over 300-400 dogs to higher ground before the flood reached them! And after they took care of their dogs at Villaobos, they went to go out and rescue the other dogs that were stranded in the flood.

This dog was tied up and near to drowning, fortunately Tia saw the dog and saved him.
They used bins to get the dogs.

With their program that they have for the parolees you probably would think that the parolees are grateful to work and work really well, but sometimes that's not always the case. For example there was one parolee, Tyler, and he started out great, and he absolute loved working there. When he got off of parole he even asked for a permanent job there at Viallobos. (they let him) But he was going through a bad time in his life though and decided to take his anger out on the dogs. So here's how it happened, one of the dogs was barking and barking, and he yelled at the dog to SHUT UP!!! Then the dog hid in his dog house, but kept barking. But the dog was actually trying to get away from Tyler. Then Tyler yelled at him again and then sprayed the dog with a power hose. Then he said angerly "NOW YOU STAY IN THERE 'TIL I'M DONE!" and it was all caught on camera. But the dog was THE MOST shy dog in that entire rescue. So Tia showed the footage to Tyler and fired him.

So since money at Viallobos is strained, they found another way to raise money, other than donations and fundraisers.They opened up a shop called The Tayho. http://store.discovery.com/pit-bulls-and-parolees/index.php?v=animal-planet_shows_pitbulls-and-parolees You should go check it out.

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