How To Write A Short Story By: Makiya Golden(11th grader)

First thing you want to do is before you start to write your short story is to pick a genre that you think your interested in or that you fine best that fits for you.

Then when you pick the genre you kind of what to think to yourself what do I want to right about what do I want the topic of my story to be.(for example.. if you pick Romance you would want you Story to be romantic, but what kind of romantic(heartbreak, falling in love, etc).

After you are finished doing the first two steps, start writing your story but do it as a rough draft first so when your finished the rough draft you can have somebody edit it for you and make some changes for you or to give you ideas about your story.

Once you have got your paper check from a friend or even a different teacher you should start to right your actual story, Make sure you make the story Creative try out different apps instead of pages and etc. Have fun with the passion project

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