Text Based Painting with Your Personal logo

This will be a two part assignment. First you will create a personal logo. Then, take that logo and use it as a design element and subject for a graphic color study. More experience in making art from art. Also you logo can be part of your Capstone Project, website, business cards, etc.

Part One: Logo Design

Text in art dates back to the early beginning of art from Egytian heiroglyphs to Illuminated Manuscripts of the Middle Ages. Artist continue to look for new ways to use and merge text and art, from contemporary minimalistic design to large scale image projections. Some artist who use text: Robert Indiana, Stuart Davis, Jenny Holtzer, Milton Glaser, Paula Scher, Paul Rand, Saul Bass...and many more. Take a look for yourself.


Your design must contain a letter or letter with symbol(s). It should be clear, simple and recognizable. It should represent you.

Sketch, come up with a two page spread (or more) of options. DO NOT stop at your first design. Pair and Share. Get feedback from others and make revisions.

Move into either Adobe Draw, Procreate or art board to create your image. Color choices should be carefully considered as to the meaning of color. Make conscious decisions based on color theory. Whether creating digitally or by on board, work should be do with high technical quality. Pay attention to line, edge and color application.

Photograph or save into Photos. Post in iTunesU. Move into Pages and Print one full page copy


Part Two: Text/Logo Based Painting


You will use your logo as a design element. It must appear in your composition at least 5 times but more could be better. It can be distorted and sized to fit in spaces or overlap, fracturing the image. Be mindful of keeping an area of emphasis. Add until you like what you see. Keep all of this as outlines.

Transfer the design onto the canvas and begin the color scheme process. We will be using any one of these color schemes: Complement, Double complement, Triad, Split- complement or Analogous. Photograph your design and take it into a drawing app on your iPad. Experiment with colors and choose 5+ values of colors ranging from almost black to almost white.

Mix these colors and save it in small containers with lids.

Use the lightest colors in your scheme in the area of emphasis. Each time you use a color, try to go from the top to the bottom to see it used in more than three areas. As you go to the next color in the scheme place them next to the first few and work outward to the sides of the format. Each shape and or letter form will be colored until you get to the outside shapes and hopefully they will be the darkest value. Go back and touch up edges and change colors if need be.

Color schemes:

Complement- any complementary pair. Two colors opposite each other on the Color Wheels.. Add black and white for value changes.

Double Complement- Two pairs of complements next to each other on the color wheel. An example would be Blue and Orange, and Blue-Violet and Yellow-Orange. Add black and white to change values and create tones.

Split Complement- Any complementary pair is chosen, then discard one color replacing it with the two colors on either side of that color on the color wheel. Such as Blue plus Yellow-Orange and Red-Orange. Again use black and white to change values and tones of gray.

Analogous- Any three to five colors located next to each other on the color wheel, plus black and white for value changes and tones of gray.

Triad- Three colors around the color wheel that make an equallateral triangle.

Remixed from http://www.incredibleart.org/

Student Examples


Composition - created areas of emphasis and movement through out.

Color - used a range of value and stuck to a color scheme.

Craft - neatly painted with flat surfaces and clean lines.

Complexity/ Completion - Challenged yourself to make the best product, completed work done on time.

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