Parent Testimonials Davison Day Nursery

Davison's nursery provides a safe and secure place for children to thrive in. My daughter has loved going to nursery. I particularly like that all the staff are so friendly and genuinely seem to enjoy looking after the children. I also love that the nursery provides lots of activities for the children to participate in such as learning sign language, French and taking advantage of using the high school’s hall for physical activities.

Lily's mum

I don't know where to start. From the outset it was clear Davison Day Nursery was something special. Marnie felt cherished and loved throughout her three years and this was reciprocated ten-fold. Supporting her development felt like a collaboration between us, her parents, and the whole Davison team. Marnie's love of speaking French, painting, singing, drama, reading, writing, numbers... (the list goes on) was all fostered and nurtured here and with Juliette's thorough and informative pedagogy and child development knowledge we were able to understand and continue Marnie's learning journey at home. SEND support during our time under the Speech and Language team was exemplary. The school transition was a dream, both in their communication with her new school and the fun games they used to help prepare her. Marnie is a confident, happy, curious, creative, independent little girl - many of her nursery friends are too - and we are so grateful to Davison's for their significant contribution to this.

Marnie's mum

Davison Nursery has been absolutely fantastic in the way it has nurtured and cared for our son. The staff are relentlessly dedicated, creative and supportive and from day one Frankie has been secure, happy and thoroughly enjoys every single day. This is the third nursery that Frankie has been to and it is by far the best. I cannot fault it in any way whatsoever; we are so so happy that he has spent the last year here.

Frankie's mum

Davison nursery has surpassed our expectations of what we wanted for a nursery. The staff are warm, caring and professional. Our son has loved his time through all three rooms to the extent he misses it during the holidays. From the activities and visits they undertake to the curriculum and the social skills they have taught. School said your child should be able to count to ten - our son was taught this in french at the nursery. Louise and her team are something special - the staff are stable and they really get to know and care about the children in a way we would never have imagined. Thank you to everyone for their input in Jude's development

Jude's mum

Davison day nursery have been fantastic at fostering my child’s individual interests. He has had so many wonderful learning experiences and as parents we are so grateful for this. Davison have helped my child progress but in a way that suits his individual learning style. He is more than ready for school and Davison have played a key part in that.

Seth's mum

We couldn’t be any happier with Davison Nursery, the staff are so helpful and assuring we never had any doubts about leaving our little one there from when he was 1 through to the final year before school. He’s had amazing opportunities to build social skills with other children, and has been given outstanding learning opportunities- he is often coming back from a day at nursery and telling us something new that he has learnt or singing a new song with corresponding sign language. Sarah his key worker has encouraged his early years development and prepared him so well for school we are sure he will be at ease when he makes the transition from nursery to school. He’s excited to make the change and seems so ready to make the next step. Thank you Davison’s nursery for all your amazing work!

William's mum

From starting in the toddler room and coming all through preschool room, Bruno has loved nursery. Even in the early days, when he got into the routine of being reluctant on entry, the strength, perseverance and kindness of his lovely teachers in the toddler room ensured and reassured that he had a fantastic time for the rest of the day! As with so many kids, it was a real case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ on the mummy front. By the time he hit preschool room, he was virtually running through the door, ready for fun and learning. He loves telling me about what he’s done with his friends and teachers, from ‘the big bonjour’ with Tonia, to singing Frozen with Saffron in full Elsa glory and building castles with Sam and Eva. I love the way he’s truly flourished in such a nurturing environment, building on his strengths and encouraging confidence to try, elsewhere. I can’t sing the praises of Davisons Nursery highly or loudly enough, to anyone who’ll listen.

Bruno's mum



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