Likeness Magnetic series #9

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Likeness offers a view of the shifting desire to clarify and obscure the state of relationship. The artist’s illustration of her encounter with Ann Hamilton’s work the event of a thread at the Park Avenue Armory in Midtown Manhattan, and the slender motion of the narrative of Likeness weave Maiermoul’s notes from her graduate work on perception and “being a body" with her fiction of a couple’s disorientation in a lover’s kitchen (spoiler alert: there are tomatoes involved…)

A photoessay that is neither an illustration of the text nor an explanation of the images, Likeness emerges as a syncopation of questions, actions, and intentions as waves of habit, constraint, ambiguity, or the scuff marks at the starting line of romance.

Magnetic is an artist’s book series of image/text collage. Photographs of New York City are combined with short stories, scraps of found text and brief passages from the artist's reading that together suggest the city in a form appropriated from cinematic scripts and storyboards, design briefs, flash fiction, and poetry.

© 2016, Susan Maiermoul.

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Created By
Susan Maiermoul



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