The Many Adventures of Nellie Bly BY Frank harris

An Article in the Pittsburgh Dispatch stated that women were only good for working, this was defined as the "Women's sphere"

Nellie demanded to the editor (George Madden) for a better definition of the "Women's sphere", which gave her a job as a journalist for the Pittsburgh Dispatch

She signed as "Little Orphan Girl" so she wouldn't be recognized

The First Article she worked on was on divorce where she argued about a divorce law and demanded a change

"Little Orphan Girl" was too inappropriate for an article on divorce, so she decided to go with a name based on the song "Nelly Bly" by Stephen Foster

Bly headed back to New York to do an article on Blackwell's Island's Women's Lunatic Asylum for "New York World".

She went undercover and pretended to commit a crime to get caught by the male guards. It was there that she was exposed to the cruel treatment at the hands of the staff

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But the 10 days payed off as she paved the way for a new kind of "Detective" reporting in the future

Bly would try and break the record set by Jules Verne and go around the world in 75 days in her most notorious stunt yet.

America kept up with her journey while she went through the middle east, making her famous and spawning merchandise based on her journey.

After 72 days, Bly returned to New York where she was celebrated due to breaking Verne's record in 3 days less than what she originally planned

Bly Retired from journalism and married Robert Seaman

Bly took over her husband's companies after his death in 1904

Bly later suffered pneumonia and died in 1922. She had a good life and revolutionized women today

Bly will be remembered for her job as a reporter for the Pittsburgh Dispatch, the 10 days she spent in the Women's lunatic Asylum and going around the world in 80 days.

Rip Nellie Bly 1864-1922


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