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Love came down

The beautiful and paradoxical truth about Genesis 3, is that while God was punishing Adam and Eve for being disobedient he also gave them grace. A grace that acknowledges their wrong doing but still proclaims his unfailing love for his creation. It is all throughout the old testament that we see the incredible meshing of both punishment and grace. It is because of our rebellion and God being Holy that we are sent Christ. His holiness demanded that sinfulness come to and end, and the only way such futility ends is through the working of God himself, through himself. It is through Jesus Christ that atonement is made possible and we are right with God. This and every Christmas we celebrate the coming of a child that will take away the sins of the world.

JYM Family
JYM family

This youth group has a commitment to creating a space where we can be ourselves while glorifying God.

Summer Global Trip

Come and Fellowship with our students!

We are a Youth Ministry in association with Quest Church

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We are a family!

Go and Make disciples!

We are here to serve you!

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This is Journey!

On December 19th @ 6:30 we will be having our annual Christmas Party! Make sure you bring a gift for the gift exchange a sweet treat!

If you are willing to help cook or provide dinner for the students on our ask anything Wednesdays, please let us know!

Looking for Parent volunteers for the Journey Youth Group! This youth group is growing and we have a lot planned for the rest of the year and into 2019. In order for us to really strive for greatness we are going to need your help.

What do we need? Glad you asked!

  • Cooking/buying food and snacks
  • Parent leader
  • Food Donation
  • Become a Journey Parent leader
  • Global Youth Camp Liaison

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Service times:

Wednesday @ 6:30 and Sunday @ 9 and 11

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