Carrie Underwood By: Mariah K.


You probably know her as A country singing. Well she is and the she is carrie Underwood.

Frist, her Childhood.

Next, after graduating.

Then, later life.

FinAly, asking Questions and answer.

Early years of Carrie Underwood

Carrie performed at MEMoriAl talent show and at her local church. Carrie loves to sing !! Carrie was 4 when she started to sing. Her pareNts are stephen Underwood (father) and carole Underwood (mother).Carrie was born on march 18, 1987. She was born In Oklahoma. She was raised on a farm. She also she played quarter back on the football team. 

Carrie Underwood in the middle of addition of American idol!

After Graduating

After graduating Carrie decided to put her dreames of singing and start Broadcast journalism but, when she found americam idol she decided to try out. I was so happy when she tried out because if she didn't i would i would die!!! It was season 4 when She tried out. For college carrie went to northeastern stAte university.

Later life

Carrie is 33 right now. Carrie got marrid to an NHL hockey player Mike Fisher. They got marrid on July 10, 2016. They got married in oklahoma. They had son named isaiAh Michael fisher. Isaiah was born feBruary 27, 2015. They announced they were going to have a baby in 2014. Carrie


1. How old was carrie when she started singing?

2. Who are carrie's parents?

3. WHat season did carrie win?

4. Where did carrie go to college?

5. Where did carrie grow up?

6. When was carrie born?

7. Where was carrie born?

8. HOw old is carrie?

9. How many children doEs carrie have?

10. What date was isaiah born?

11. What year did they aNnounce that they were going to isaiah?

12.When did carrie get marriEd?

13. Where did carrie married?


1. She was 4

2. Stephen and carole

3. Carrie won season 4

4. Northeast state university

5. She grew up on a farm

6. March 18 1987

7. In Oklahoma

8. Carrie 33

9. She has one and one on his way

10. February 27, 2015

11. 2014

12. JulY 10, 2016

13. Oklahoma


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