The milky way by Saanvi and Bhavika cool milky way

Hi There

Facts about the milky way i'm the milky way!

The solar system is just a tiny part of the milky way!

The andromeda galaxy moves towards the milky way galaxy they will meet in about 3.75 billion years!!!!!!!!!!!! watch out!!

cool shower in the milky way

the milky way in diameter is considered to be a thousand light years thick!

we are in the left side of the milky way!

it takes about 100,000,000 light years from one edge from the milky way to another!

Look how huge it is!

The milky way has about 6100 planets

the milky way got 7 more stars

  • in the night you will see a really bright star that is venus
see that bright star that is venus!

the oldest star in the milky way is more than 13 billion years old!

The thing in the middle is the oldest star of the milky way!

Our hypothesis is that the milky way is 13.6 billion years old

The milky way is 100,000 light years in diameter

It takes about 230 million years for our solar system to orbit around the earth!

There are so many billions of stars.

In the middle of the milky way is where the black hole is.

in the milky way we are in the Orion spur!

The milky way is in the shape of a spiral!

A Black hole can also suck you in if u go close!
the milky way's arms rotate.
see how it is rotating!

The center of the milky way can't be seen because it has a bunch of gas and dust.

The milky way is part of a group called local group galaxies.

what is the space mans favorite chocolate?

A milky way!

ok enough jokes lets play a game

Now Since You Learned About The Milky Way You Should Take A Quiz

1. How many stars are in the Milky Way?

2. Where is the black hole in the milky way that we know of?

3. what was the milky way made out of?

4. How many light years does it take from one edge to the other side of the milky way?

5. What shape in the milky way in?


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